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Infiorata Bolsena

The ‘infiorata‘ is a homage to the miracle that took place in Bolsena, known all over the world as the ‘Miracle of Bolsena‘. In 1263 a Bohemian priest, traveling to Rome to resolve his doubts over the doctrine of transubstantiation, celebrated mass in the town: the communion host turned to literal flesh at the consecration and drops of human blood spilled onto the altar cloth. He tried to hide what had happened but stains remained on the cloth and on the floor.

Infiorata, Bolsena
Infiorata, Bolsena

As a result of this Pope Urban IV in 1264 instituted the feast of Corpus Christi all over the world. Every year for the feast there is a procession that passes over the infiorata, created with different kinds of flowers. The infiorata is 3 km long, there are magnificent pictures made by the young and the not so young people of Bolsena; they become artists for a day: the scenes are chosen months before the feast, though the realization of the pictures is quite quick. Rose, hydrangea and carnation petals are used, and those of brooms and bluebottles, but also less valuable flowers offer their wonderful shades such as the wild onion, acacia, chestnut and cane inflorescences to complete the unequal harmony of colors and technical execution.

Infiorata Bolsena Video

Infiorata in Bolsena 2011

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