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The most beautiful flower carpets in Italy: Infiorata

Italy is a country of traditions par excellence, where festivities are sacred and always celebrated with great sentiment. On the occasion of the Corpus Domini celebration, many cities and small villages come together to celebrate with tons of petals (Infiorata). Petals, flowers, berries, seeds, and, above all, so many colors—come and discover the most beautiful flower carpets in Italy!

Infiorata of Spello (Perugia)

Every year, the most famous and historic flower carpet in Italy takes place in Spello. 1.5 km of floral carpets, pictures, and colors adorn the streets of one of Italy’s most beautiful villages. The artisans at work are true professionals, who spend a year creating all the works displayed over a single weekend.

Infiorata in Italy - Spello
Infiorata in Italy – Spello

This year, the Infiorata of Spello will take place on June 1st and 2nd, coinciding with the Republic Day celebration.

The first flower carpet in Spello has very ancient roots. As confirmed by the old writings of the church of Santa Maria Maggiore in the village, the first edition dates back to 1602!

Infiorata of Genzano (Rome)

Near the capital, the flower carpet tradition began in 1625, inspired by the then Vatican florist, Benedetto Drei. However, the festival did not gain popularity and had vanished by the end of the century, continuing instead in Genzano.

Infiorata Genzano 2023
The long floral carpet in Genzano – 2023 edition

In Genzano, the flower carpet is a matter of heart and passion. Over 500 quintals of petals cover pictures arranged in a row over a total surface area of almost 2000 square meters. The giant and colorful floral carpet serves as a bridge (both symbolic and physical) between the main square and the church of Santa Maria della Cima.

The Technique of the Infiorata

Creating a flower carpet requires great skill. Depending on the village, there may be variations, but generally, the behind-the-scenes process is quite similar. For example, you can see the outline of the design being drawn with chalk on the asphalt or directly on a cloth that adheres to the ground. Once the initial drawing is complete, the stars of the celebration, the flowers, are laid down.

Deposition of fragments of petals
Deposition of fragments of petals—Infiorata in Italy

Colored petals with various shades are mostly used to give a three-dimensional effect, shadows, and light, but nothing prevents the use of whole flowers as well. Seeds, berries, fragments of stems, or leaves are also commonly used. However, be aware that flowers are perishable, so they are usually laid down the night before the flower carpet begins.

Flower carpets in Italy are the result of a beautiful popular tradition that transforms villages into floral carpets. Citizens work together to create flower pictures with religious or popular themes to be displayed for an entire weekend, just as they did centuries ago!

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