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Castles in the South of Italy

The South of Italy is rich in history and art. Castles are plenty and many of them are still in fantastic conditions: some of them are very famous, others are barely known, all of them represent charming destinations for a beautiful day’s outing. Because of their predominantly marine locations,  it can be said the majority of them were built to prevent sea attacks and to defend the areas surrounding them. Today, most of these buildings are known because of their historical relevance. Here are the names of some of the most famous among all castles of Southern Italy. Check the links for more info on how and when visiting them!

Castles in Basilicata:

Castle of Avigliano-Lagopesole

Castle of Brienza

Castle of Genzano di Lucania

Castle of Laurenzana

Castle of Melfi

Castles in Calabria

Norman castle of Corigliano

Norman castle of Gerace

The castle of Gerace

Norman castle of Vibo Valentia

Swabian castle of Cosenza

Aragonese castle of Reggio Calabria

Spanish castle of Crotone

Castles in Campania

Castel dell’Ovo

Castle Capuano

Aragonese castle of Baia

The Aragonese castle of Baia

Aragonese castle of Ischia

Castle Barbarossa, Anacapri

Maschio Angioino

Castle of Sarno

Castle of Casertavecchia

Castles in Molise

Castle of Gambatesa

Castle of Roccamandolfi

Castle of Monteroduni

Swabian castle of Termoli

Castles in Puglia

Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte

Castle of Taranto

Castle of Avetrana

Castle of Brindisi

Castle of Grottaglie

Castles in Sicily

Ursino Castle in Catania. 
Ursino Castle in Catania. ©Depositphoto.com/boerescul

Castle of Milazzo

Castle of Santa Lucia del Mela

Ursino castle of Catania

Maniace castle of Siracusa

Carini castle

Sperlinga Castle

Castello di Erice

The Carini Castle, home to the Baroness and her mystery

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