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Castello di Lunghezza

Rome – Castello di Lunghezza – The Portal – Photo courtesy of castellodilunghezza.it

The Castello di Lunghezza is a medieval fortification that is located around twenty kilometers from the city of Rome. The castle is located in the province of Rome and according to various historians, it is located at the site of the ancient city of Colliata.

History of the Castello di Lunghezza

It is not known exactly when the castle had been built but according to scholars, the oldest manor in the location had been built in the year 752 AD when a fortified monastery had been built by the Benedictine monks for their accommodation. The area was ruled by the Poli family for many years until 1242. It was then that they sided with the Colonna family, their alliance with the church had ended. Pope Boniface VIII soon joined this dispute along with Raimondo Orsini. In the year 1303 things went from bad to worse and along with the Orsini family, the Pope drove the Poli family out of the territory.

Rome – Castello di Lunghezza – The Internal Court – Photo courtesy of castellodilunghezza.it

The Pope transferred the feudal lands along with the castle then to the Orsini family. The castle remained with the Orsini family until it had been given to Piero de Medici as a gift when he married Alfonsina Orsini. In the 16th century, the castle had then been given to Aunt Catherine, who was the future queen of France who married Filippo Strozzi. Over the centuries, the castle underwent several major transformations and had eventually been turned into a luxurious residence for the noble family.

Over the years, after the castle had been transferred through various hands, in the 1950s it had finally been purchased by Malcolm Munthe, a British curator. He had then restored the castle beautifully to its original splendor and had opened it up to the public again.

The Castle Today

Over the centuries, the Castello di Lunghezza had suffered slow and steady deterioration but when Malcolm Munthe purchased the castle he restored it perfectly and opened it up to the public. In the 1990s, the castle had received Charles of England for his holiday and over the years the importance of castle has again gone up. Today, the castle is home to many important cultural events, especially for children. The castle had been recognized as a national monument and provides several private and public entertainment options to visitors today.

Rome – Castello di Lunghezza – The Shields Room – Photo courtesy of castellodilunghezza.it

Today it holds several temporary exhibitions, concerts, entertainment programs, and theatrical performances of great cultural value. The castle is also open for private occasions like meetings, business lunch, weddings, dinner, etc for those who want to plan for an important event in a historical and atmospheric location. Several and opened it up to the public, especially for private events. During the summer months when the tourist season is at its peak, several cultural performances and programs are held for which the tickets are sold weeks in advance due to the hordes of tourists that visit the castle from Rome.

Castello di Lunghezza is a favorite day trip from Rome due to its proximity to the city as well as its historical importance.

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