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Treuquanda is a small commune and town located in Tuscany, Italy in the province of Siena. The town is located close to Florence and Siena. Trequanda is quite a small town, spread out over an area of just 64 sq km and with a population of approximately 2200. The economy of Trequanda is based mainly on agriculture, farming, cattle breeding and sheep rearing and packing of some building areas.

According to various scholars the town was first inhabited by the Etruscans, however, the main development started only around the middle ages. Trequanda was later taken over by the Romans and has been exchanged through many hands over the centuries.


Getting to Trequanda

Trequanda is located quite close to Florence and Siena so reaching the town is not much of a problem. Visitors coming from the other locations can take a flight to Florence and then take a bus for Trequanda. There are plenty of state buses that leave every hour for the town. Tickets are usually very inexpensive and are available at the bus station itself. There are also many buses that reach Trequanda from the other smaller towns in the province. Visitors can also drive down to Trequanda quite easily from Siena or Florence.


Moving Around Trequanda

Trequanda is quite a small town. The main attractions in the town are located all around the center of Trequanda. Tourists can quite easily explore the town on foot since the streets here are very narrow and winding for cars. For visiting the other sections of the town, visitors can also use the local public buses which are used by the locals in Trequanda. Tickets are quite expensive and are available at all the bus offices or even at the tobacco shops around the town. Those who have their own cars can easily move around in car, or rent bicycles or mopeds.


Attractions in Trequanda

Palazzo Communale

Panorama form Trequanda terraces

The Palazzo communal is the Municipal Palace of Trequanda. The palace was built earlier as a residential palace and has beautiful architectural features as well as detailed work. The inside of the palace has been beautifully decorated with various impressive art pieces and frescoes. Only a few rooms are open for visitors to explore. 


Church of Saint Peter and Andrew

The church of Saint Peter and Andrew is one of the most important religious places in Trequanda. The church was first built in the 13th century and is an interesting place to visit. The façade of the church has an interesting stone façade that resembles a black and white check board. The interior of the church has been beautifully decorated with several frescoes made by various popular artists. Close to the altar is a beautiful triptych made by Giovanni di Paolo and there is a beautifully carved wooden urn which goes back to the 16th century that has the relics of the Blessed Bonizella Piccolomini Cacciaconti. There is a wooden relief portraying Our Lady with the child and a 14th century crucifix.


Chiesa Di Santo Stefano

Church in Trequanda

Chiesa Di Santo Stefano is another church in Trequanda, however, it is smaller and not as impressive as the larger church of Saint Peter and Andrew. The church has a simple façade and architecture and the interiors have been kept quite simple and elegant.


Nature Train

The nature train is an interesting celebration that is held in Trequanda every Sunday from May to October which passes from the various scenic locations in the province of Siena and offers a chance to visitors to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. The nature train is quite popular among those who love the outdoors.


Piazza B. Cacciaconti

Piazza B. Cacciaconti is the main piazza in Trequanda. The Piazza is surrounded by many historical buildings and old monuments. The City Hall is located in Piazza Cacciaconti and the tiny lanes leading from the piazza have some large and beautiful mansions and many interesting shops. The piazza being the center point of the town is the center of all activities as well. Locals as well as tourists are seen at the piazza strolling around in the sun or just sitting and relaxing before heading off to their next destination.


Stay and Accommodation

Painting in Trequanda chrurch

Trequanda is quite a small town and not many tourists come here which is why there are only a handful of hotels in the town. There are a few hotels and some old fashioned Bed & Breakfasts that are mostly family run. Most tourists prefer to stay in Siena. Some of the good hotels to try in Trequanda are hotel Pitagora Srl, L’Olmo Srl and the La Romita hotel. There are quite a lot of good hotels available in the nearby towns of Pienza and Siena so those who prefer can also stay there. 


Eating in Trequanda

There are only few good restaurants, bars, trattorias and pizzerias in Trequanda where tourists can get good food and these are where the locals mostly prefer to eat. The restaurants here mainly serve simple Tuscan and Italian food, pizzas and sandwiches. The food is mainly sea food based and there are a variety of pastas which are available everywhere. Some of the best known restaurants in town are Ristorante Conte Matto, La Romita, Da Roberto and a few pizzerias and taverns. There are also a few bakeries that serve a variety of local breads and cheeses


Shopping in Trequanda

There are a few places in Trequanda where tourists can shop; however, these are mainly where the locals do their daily shopping. Close to the center of the town and some small shops that sell souvenirs and handicrafts which are made by the local artisans like wooden artifacts, silk and woolen clothes, lace items and shoes. The weekly markets are the best places where visitors can get the opportunity to get a glimpse in the traditional Tuscan markets and one can find various odd trinkets and items being sold. Good wines, olive oil and cheese are also available in Trequanda.

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