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The most famous museums in Rome

The most famous museums in Rome

Italy has more than 3000 museums on its territory . From major art galleries, to smaller, local museums focusing on the history of the area such as agricultural museums, maritime museums and town history museums, all can be found in Italy. Due to such a vast amount, it is impossible to list all of them; however, we can say that Rome hosts some of the most famous in Rome. Here is a shortlist of those you should definitely not miss if you happen to be in the Eternal City.

Museo Maxxi -The Maxxi Museum

Though recent and unconventional, this museum has gained a lot of success thanks to its revolutionary aspect and ideology: it is the first museum of contemporary art created in the Italian history of art, a fact that has made it incredibly famous. It hosts paintings and works of art produced by modern artists. It was opened in 2010 and it is located in the northern part of the city. Architecture, art, photography, new artistic forms of the 20th and 21st century are all gathered in this fantastic structure.

Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna-The National Gallery of Modern Art

The Galleria Nazionale d’arte moderna hosts paintings and works created by highly renowned artists.  Opened in 1881, the collection includes neo-classical and modern art for a total of over 5,000 paintings and sculptures. Among the most famous works we find some by Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, Cezanne, Mirò and Klimt.

Museo Nazionale Romano– the National Roman Museum

The Museo Nazionale Romano includes several, smaller museums spread around the city. There are several branches hosting ancient Roman furnishing and fittings such as coins, statues, jewelry, sarcophagi, mosaics and all the relics connected to Rome, going from  Republican and Imperial age up to Medieval times. The places where these ancient Roman objects are exhibited include the Palazzo Massimo, the Baths of Diocletian and palazzo Altemps.

Musei Capitolini– Capitoline museums

The musei Capitolini are situated on the Campidoglio, Rome’s Capitol Hill. The scenery itself brings you back to the times of ancient Rome; in fact, the museums host a collection of antiquities and archeological finds belonging to the Roman Empire’s history. Pieces and fragments of old buildings including the Capitoline and a colossal statue of Constantine are kept in the museums. Moreover,  the huge equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius and the famous sculpture of the twins Romulus and Remus  suckling a she-wolf are also hosted within its walls.  Paintings by Caravaggio, Titian and Rubens are also exhibited.

Galleria Borghese– Borghese Gallery

Galleria Borghese

Villa Borghese is a famous park in Rome, which is also home to a museum renowned for its collection of classical sculptures. Among them, the marble statue of Apollo and Daphne by Bernini and the David statue. Works of some of the most famous artists are also hosted in the paintings section, such as those by Raphael, Caravaggio and Correggio.

Musei e gallerie del Vaticano– Vatican’s Museums and Galleries

Though officially a foreign state, the Vatican museums and galleries are a must go when in Rome. They bring witness to the cultural Christian heritage not only of Italy, but Europe all. They are the most visited Italian museums. They were founded by Pope Julius II in the 16th century.  The Vatican museums are characterized by a series of collections, kept in open areas of the Vatican palaces. All characterized by religious themes and history, the works range from ancient to modern art. The Vatican palaces host what is known as the emblem itself of the Catholic Church: the Cappella Sistina. Among the several famous galleries the Galleria degli Arazzi and Galleria delle carte geografiche certainly stand out.

These are some of the best known museums you can visit when being in the Italian capital. However, art is not only confined to galleries because everything you see in Rome sends out the scent of ancient history and the power of the Roman Empire.

Museums are only a part of marvelous heritage of art and tradition the city has to offer. A city made of time, light and history, that truly has no equal in the world.

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