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The most popular Italian game shows

Game shows are the evening entertainment. After dinner and before the night movie, these are two of the most watched shows.


This game show launched in 2002 and it was an immediate success. During the years, four hosts presented this Italian game show.

The first one was Amadeus, who stayed of the throne of the L’Eredità for 984 episodes. Although the record goes to Carlo Conti and his stunning 2154 episodes. After him Fabrizio Frizzi made a stunt. Currently, the host is Flavio Insinna -has been since 2018.

This Italian game show plays on Rai 1, the main national channel ( and it is available in streaming ).

The pillar of L’Eredità

Indeed, the game has evolved through the decades. But there are two certainties for the fans.

The Ghigliottina

Super Campionessa Martina Crocchia

Martina Crocchia is the actual March 24 2021 super champion. After a first look at Martina, a sexy pole dancer teacher, I was not expecting much. But looks could be deceiving and Martina proved to be one of the smarter player at Eredita’

Aka, the guillotine. The contestants are faced a choice between two words. Every time they pick the wrong one, the guillotine cuts in half the prize amount. The contestants have to guess five words. And they all associate. In the end, the five words will lead to one final word. It’s the term people have to guess to win the prize.

If you have some basic Italian and you want to know more about Italian culture L Eredita’ is a way to accomplish that. You can watch l’ Eredita’ live just follow the link : https://www.raiplay.it/programmi/leredita

The Professoresse

They are the showgirls. They dance to introduce the games and they explain words or concepts to the audience. Indeed, they are like teachers instead of sexualized props. During the years, the number of the Professoresse has lowered, until it reached two, the current count.

The most famous one is without a doubt Giovanna Civitillo. She was a Prof during the 2002-2006 editions, by the side of co-host Amadeus. Later, they married, becoming a TV power couple.

Italian game shows
Amadeus and the 2002 edition. Civitillo is the second on the left. Image via Di Lei.

The numbers of this game show

Despite not having live audience due to Covid-19 restrictions, L’Eredità is still a must-watch for the Italian household.

Every evening, this Italian game show has an average of over 5 million viewers. It’s almost the 25% of the total audience. Stunning numbers, indeed.

The Super Campione Massimo Cannoletta. Last year, he broke every record of L’Eredità. Cannoletta played in 50 episodes, winning almost $360.000. The Super Champion decided to leave the show for personal reasons before Christmas. Massimo extensive knowledge could be compared to Ken Jennings from Jeopardy

And not without criticism from outsiders. In fact, the final word of the ghiogliottina isn’t always obvious. What does butterfly have to do with salmon? One could wonder.

How to watch it abroad

To watch Eredita’ live just follow the link : https://www.raiplay.it/programmi/leredita

Italian game show: I Soliti Ignoti

The first editions of this TV program ran from 2007 to 2012. Five years later, the production picked up again and I Soliti Ignoti is still running. The first years were hosted by Fabrizio Frizzi, while the latests editions have been hosted by Amadeus.

Italian game show
Amadeus presenting. Via La Repubblica.

How it works

The contestant is faced with eight people, or identities. Sometimes there is someone popular. Also facing the contestant are guesses of who these people are. The player asks “yes or no” questions to them, trying to guess who they are.

Each identity has a money value that can add up to the final jackpot. The player can ask up to three clues. Depending on the money value (also called passport), the contestant can get additional help -or not.

The numbers

This is another popular Italian game show. Although it doesn’t reach the numbers of L’Eredità, it has an average daily share of 18%.

While there is no Super Champion, the biggest win went to Elisa Isoardi. She is a popular Italian TV host and on February, 11th, 2021 she was a special guest on the show. Isoardi won $188.000. A record, indeed.

How to watch it abroad

You can watch the episodes of I Soliti Ignoti online and for free. At this link.

Find out more about Italian TV here.

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