Sappada area

Sappada is a small village located in the Veneto region in northern Italy in the province of Belluno. The village is located at the border between Austria and Friuli and is a part of the Dolomite Mountains. Sappada is located at an altitude of 1250 meters and has a population of close to 1500. It is quite a popular tourist destination due to the winter sport activities and ski slopes located in the area. It spread across the entire valley of the Piave River.

The landscape surrounding the village is of alpine characteristics with the surrounding peaks reaching up to 2700 meters. There are lush fields and woods which are cultivated for providing food to the inhabitants in summer and in winters the slopes are covered with snow making them popular ski slopes for tourists.


Getting to Sappada

The nearest train station to Sappada is in Calalzo di Cadore. Visitors can take a train to the train station and then take a bus to Sappada which takes less than an hour. For those who are travelling from the other side of the valley, the nearest station is in Carnia from where various direct buses are available for Sappada. Visitors who are driving down from Veneto can take the A27 motorway that connects Mestre to Belluno and exit at Longarone, then continue to Pieve di Cadore and then reach Sappada. Those who are driving down from Friuli can take the A27 from Palmanova to Tarvisio and exit at Tolmezzo, continuing on motorway 52 to reach Sappada.

Moving Around the Town

Typical home in Sappada

Sappada is quite a small village with an area of 62 sq km. Within the village there are very few places to visit so visitors can easily cover them on foot. Most visitors usually explore the center of the village, which has the most interesting places to visit and this can be explored best by walking around the narrow cobblestone streets. Those who are interested in visiting the surrounding mountain regions and the ski slopes can travel by car or take the public buses that operate in this region.


Attractions in Sappada

Church of San Margherita

The church of San Margherita is the parish church of Sappada. The church was built in 1779 and has a baroque style of architecture. Inside the church are various beautiful frescoes of great value. The church is located in the Granvilla hamlet of Sappada.


Sanctuary of Regina Pacis

The sanctuary of Regina Pacis is a small modern sanctuary which was built in Sappada during the 70s because of a vote that was done in its favor during the Second World War. The sanctuary is located in the Soravia hamlet of Sappada.


Church of San Osvaldo

The beautiful church of San Osvaldo is definitely worth a visit. The church is quite small and was built first in 1732 and has been restored a few times over the years. The architecture of the church is typically alpine and the interior of the church has been beautifully decorated with ornamental decorations.



Calvario is a large religious complex. From Muhlbach a path ascends and along the route there are thirteen small chapels and one small church located in the area. These fourteen churches and chapels represent the fourteen stations on which Jesus carried the cross. 

Sappada Saint’Antony chapel


Ethnic Museum

The ethnic museum of Sappada is located in the Bach hamlet and is only open to visitors during summer. The museum has a large collection of documents and various objects that showcase the life and culture of the people of Sappada in the earlier centuries. The museum is located in the Bach hamlet.


Il Piccolo Museo Delle Grande Guerra

The museum has a collection of findings from World War one and gives information on the life of the soldiers that fought in Sappada and the nearby locations. The museum is open in summers and entry if free to visitors.


Casa Museo Della civita Contadina

The museum is located in a wood house that is built in the architectural style that is typical to this region. The house has been preserved well outside as well as inside and provides a glimpse in the lifestyle of the locals.

Stay and Accommodation

Sappada is quite a small village but it attracts quite a lot of tourists in summers as well as winters due to the ski slopes located in the region and due to the many hiking and mountaineering opportunities that it provides. For this reason there are plenty of accommodation options available to tourists. Visitors can choose from hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, mountain cabins and villas for their stay. Some of the best known hotels in Sappada are hotel Posta, Hotel Citta da Trieste, hotel Sorgenti Del Pieve, Oberthaler Park hotel, hotel Siera Hof, Meuble Claudia and hotel Albergo Cavalino.

Eating in Sappada

Panorama of Sappada

There are plenty of good places in Sappada where visitors can eat. Tourists can choose from the large number of small restaurants, cafes, pizzerias and trattorias while they are in Sappada. There are also quite a lot of good bars and pubs in the village that have a good variety of wines and other drinks available along with classic traditional appetizers. Food is normally traditional dishes and classic Italian fare. Some of the best restaurants in Sappada are ristorante bar Baita Pista Nera, Birreria pizzeria Europa, Ristorante Mondschein, ristorante pizzeria karl keller, ristorante Keisn, ristorante Laite, ristorante La Rustica, Ristorante Borgo al Sole and ristorante pizzeria Italia. 


Shopping in Sappada

Because of the number of tourists that visit Sappada and the nearby regions there are plenty of places where visitors can shop. Tourists can find a lot of shops in the village that sell winter clothing, eye wear and ski equipments along with plenty of other winter sport equipments. Visitors can also rent the equipment in the village rather than buying them. There are also a few good toy shops and souvenir and gift shops in the village. There are a number of good bakeries and grocery stores in Sappada where visitors can purchase local food items.

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