lignano spa town italy

Lignano Thermal Baths

lignano spa town italy

The town of Lignano is often referred to as Lignano Golden Sands and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Thousands of tourists travel to Lignano every year to enjoy he beautiful golden beach of the town and of course, the thermal baths and the relaxing spas located in the town.

Lignano is a young and a vibrant town, filled with restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs and bars which is why it is highly preferred by the young European crowds. The location of Lignano is quite beneficial for tourists since it is located close to the border of Slovenia and the Alps in Austria. The town is much more than just a beach side resort or a thermal pool location in Italy, it has had a long eventful history and is rich in culture, natural beauty and entertainment options. Lignano is quite a modern town with tall buildings which stand across the streets and look over the Adriatic Sea.

Lignano is without a doubt a very special summer tourist location where tourists from all over the world come for a vacation. Because of the thermal pools, spa and the lovely beaches tourists are attracted to the area. Moreover, the services and facilities provided to the tourists is of very high quality which makes it comfortable for tourists to visit.

Lignano History

Lignano was developed in the beginning of the 20th century when some hospitality resorts opened up in the area which were earlier only reachable through sea. In 1931 when the nearby marshes had been drained away the first inhabitants came to the area. The first ever road was built in 1926 and it connected to the comune of Latisana. A part of Lignano is also known as Lignano Sabbiadoro. The word Sabbiadoro means Golden sands in Italian. Sabbiadoro was only added later in 1935 for promoting the golden sand beaches of the area.

At the time of World War 2 the last operations of German Navy where the personnel and troops from Trieste and Istria were evacuated took place in Lignano in May 1945. 26 ships filled with around 4000 enemies landed at the Tagliamento River close by. The Germans had a wide variety of weapons and transport facility which even included a small ship which acted as a hospital. Later on the Germans surrendered on the 4th of May in 1945. It was only in 1959 that Lignano was recognized as an autonomous comune.

The Location

Lignano - Porto
Lignano – Porto – Photo courtesy of Luigi_Chiesa/Wikimedia

Lignano is set on a beautiful peninsula surrounded by the Marano lagoon and fishing stream to the east and the north. The Adriatic Sea lies on the south and the Tagliamento River is on the west of Lignano. The peninsula itself stretches over an area of 1600 hectares. Apart from the 500 hectares which is used for the residential purposes of the town, the remaining area is covered with agricultural fields and pine trees.

There are plenty of good transport facilities in Lignano so it is quite easy to reach the town by air, road, or trains. Lignano is located close to the cities of Venice and Trieste, both of them being very famous tourist locations in Italy. Latisana and Portogruaro are also located very close to Lignano. Trains stop at either of these two cities from where regular buses are available. The airport of Ronchi dei Legionari is located only 65 km from Lignano. The airports in Venice and Trieste are located 95 km and 90 km from the town. Reaching Lignano is not much of a problem since the town is located in close proximity from Venice and Trieste which are very well connected to most other centers in Italy.

The shore line of Lignano stretches over an area of 8 km and is the most popular with tourist and locals because of their beautiful golden sands and the warm climate. The town itself has plenty of efficient services to offer like great spas and hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, designer boutiques and transportation facilities. It is because of all these facilities that the thermal pools of Lignano and the spa in the town became so famous with the tourists, making Lignano one of the most important tourist destinations in the region.

Thermal Baths in Lignano

Lignano - Lighthouse and beach
Lignano – Lighthouse and beach – Photo courtesy of Luigi_Chiesa/Wikimedia

Except for the beaches that Lignano has to offer, the most important tourist attraction in Lignano is the thermal baths that are located in the area. Plenty of tourists from other parts of Italy as well as from the other parts of the world travel to Lignano to spend a relaxing day in the thermal pools and enjoy a sense of wellbeing. Physical fitness and overall harmony of the body are greatly promoted by the tourism board.

The thermal baths located in Lignano are the most important and popular all along the Adriatic Coast. The thermal baths are located in the Lignano Riviera which is quite close to the center of the town. The sea, the beach itself and the many sports facilities in Lignano offer plenty of recreation facilities. There is a four star hotel in Lignano located quite close to the thermal baths which offer plenty of special discounts to those who are interested in availing spa facilities. The thermal baths and spa offer aesthetic and health treatments to tourists.

The building where the spa is located is situated in the Lignano Riviera between the woods which are filled with the pine trees and the beach. The Balneotherapy and spa center in Lignano offers plenty of spa services and beauty treatments which are done by the member of the Lignano Medical Aesthetic center.

When the balneotherapy techniques had first been revolutionized during the 60s the Lignano spa started using the sea water, the marine algae and the sand to cure several types of illnesses of muscles, bones and breathing system. The spa center also offers other types of treatments of dietary nature like hyperthyroidism and obesity and various anti-aging and beauty treatments and massages.

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