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Lake Varese

Panoramic of Varese Lake from Biandronno – Photo courtesy of Alessio Facchin/Wikimedia


Lake Varese – Suggestive View in Fog – Photo courtesy of Fvatwimediao/Wikimedia

Lake Varese is a smallish lake in the Lombardy region fed by underground springs. The lake is surrounded by rolling hills and to the south the roads lead to ponds and marsh area. Isolino Virginia is the lake’s small island, which is located near the western shoreline.

The lake is glacial in origin and is spread over an area of 14.5 square kilometers and has an average depth of 11 meters. Those who enjoy fishing will love Lake Varese, which is rich in fish stock like tench, carp, eels and pike. Today steps are being taken to preserve the waters of the lake, which were faced with pollution problems in the 20th century.

Azzate – Particular of the City – Photo courtesy of beatrizmacias/Flickr

Popular Tourist Destinations

The town of Varese is located a short drive from the city of Milan and is found at the foot of Mount Campo dei Fiori in the shadow of the Alps. Most famous for the Sacro Monte di Varese the town is lively and offers much to do. The Sacro Monte is a site located in the mountains, which draws many pilgrims and believers.

Azzate is a small, medieval town located in the province of Varese on the shores of the lake. The town is partly built on the hills that surround it and its buildings slope down gently towards the lake’s waters. Azzate is one of the most beautiful towns along Lake Varese’s shoreline, with a well preserved medieval center and stunning natural beauty. Ghiringelli Square is a charming location surrounded by many ancient buildings and shops and the Val Grande is located close to the town. Roads from the town, framed by towering mountains, lead to the lake. This path is quite beautiful and several tourists as well as the locals can be seen enjoying leisurely strolls along the road.

Lake Varese has a long history which is depicted by the many castles located along the shores of the lake. These ancient castles tell the legends of many noble families and the battles fought over the years in the area. The Biandronno and Bregano are interesting sites built, according to local legend, in 54 BC by Julius Caesar himself. Visitors to the area can also see the glories of Casale Litta and Castle Azzate, among other beautiful structures.

Varese – Frascarolo Castle – Photo courtesy of Maxxime/Wikimedia

Lake Varese has plenty of things to offer to visitors, from ancient castles to beautiful natural views to quaint towns and villages. The area, a short drive from Milan, is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday spent basking in history and nature’s glory.

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