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Bene Vagienna

Bene Vagienna

Bene Vagienna is a small town and commune located in the Piedmont region in Italy in the province of Cuneo. The medieval town is located close to the cities of Turin and Cuneo. The town is spread over an area of 48 sq km and has a population of close to 3500. The town has several narrow cobblestoned streets, charming old houses, porticos and small piazzas that can transport visitors back in time.

The history of the town goes back to the period of Augustus, when the town was an important part of the Gaul territories. Bene Vagienna has several old churches and ancient monuments which have been well preserved over the years.


Getting to Bene Vagienna

Bene Vagienna is located close to Turin and Cuneo so reaching the town is not very difficult. The easiest way to reach the town is by bus. The state buses operating in this region depart every few hours for Bene Vaginenna from the bus stations in Turin, Cuneo and from several other smaller towns in the region. Those who have their own cars can also easily drive down to the town. Visitors coming from Turin or Savona can take the A6 motorway to reach the town. Driving down to the town is quite comfortable since all the motorways have proper signs in English as well as Italian.


Moving Around Bene Vagienna

Church in Bene Vagienna

The best way to explore Bene Vagienna is on foot. Since the town is quite small most tourists prefer to walk around to explore the few churches that are located in the center of the village. Visitors who have their own cars can also explore the town by car. Parking spots are easily available in the town, except for the few areas where the streets are too narrow for navigating. The streets in Bene Vagienna are quite traffic free so walking around is quite pleasant and stress free.


Attractions in Bene Vagienna

Confraternita di San Bernadino

Confraterniata di San Bernadino is one of the most important churches in Bene Vagienna. The church had already been standing in the town in the 15th century but had been renovated extensively in the 18th century. There is a beautiful portal at the entrance of the church and various elegant sculptures placed inside the church which was made in the 18th century. There is also a 17th century organ placed inside the church, which has been beautifully designed.


Chiesa di San Francesco

Street in Bene Vagienna

Chiesa di San Francesco was built in 1659. The façade of the church has a large fresco and the interior of the church has been very well preserved. The church has rich altars, done in marble and gilded. The church has a 16th century wooden chorus and some beautiful art works including a Madonna with child which is the center piece of the church.


Piazza Botera

Piazza Botera is the main square of the town. The Piazza is surrounded by several ancient monuments and buildings and remains the center of all activities. The Town Hall of Bene Vagienna is located in the piazza and several important churches of the town. The Town Hall’s façade is decorated with a coat of arms and an ancient tower in gothic architecture stands tall, dominating the sky line of Bene Vagienna.


Palazzo Lucerna di Rora

Palazzo Lucerna di Rora is an ancient palace that was built in the 17th or the 18th century over a pre-existing palace. Napoleon Bonaparte had once stayed in this palace in 1796, which is why the palace gained much popularity in the surrounding regions. The palace is now home to the municipal museum that had been set up in the early 1900s. The museum now has three different sections. The museum has a large collection of beautiful art works and water colors that have been collected over the centuries and has information on the history of the region.


The Castle

Bene Vagienna

The castle of Bene Vagienna is also an interesting place to visit. The ancient castle was known to have existed since before 901 AD and was originally built along with the ancient towns to protect the territory. The walls still stand intact surrounding the town. Over the years the castle has been renovated a few times.


Stay and Accommodation

Bene Vagienna is a small town and it does not attract many tourists. For this reason, there are not many accommodation options in the town. However, due to the rise in agritourism in the region in the last few years a few country homes and ancient houses have been opened up for the visitors who want to spend a night in the town. There are also a few small bed & breakfasts in town where visitors can get comfortable and inexpensive rooms. Some of the best hotels in Bene Vagienna are Agritourismo Isola Felice, Agritourismo Tibi Dabo, La Fasenda, Il Forno Dal and Cascina Bric.


Eating in Bene Vagienna

Bene Vagienna has a few good restaurants where visitors can dine. Most of the restaurants in the town are small and very casual. The cuisine is quite traditional and the dishes are simple and homely. Sea food, fresh vegetables and cheese are widely used in cooking. Some of the best restaurants in Bene Vagienna are Trattoria Fiera Mosca, ristorante Al Pue, Ristorante La Trafulla, ristorante pizzeria Valentina, Vineria II Crutin and Antico Pozzo.


Shopping in Bene Vagienna

There are not many places in Bene Vagienna where visitors can shop. There are a few small shops located close to the main Piazza that sell clothes, shoes, jewelry, woolen clothes and handicrafts. The older section of the town has many small shops that sell food items like cheese, olive oil, salami and mustard. Bene Vagienna is an agricultural town and is mostly known for its various delicious bakery products and its traditional home made pastries which are available in quite a lot of bakeries in the town. Pasticceria Maggi & Figli and Torta Del Cardinale are two of the most popular places for bakery products in the town.

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