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Barolo is a small town located in the Piedmont region in Italy in the famous wine producing region of Langhe. The town is famous for its many vineyards and its many varieties of red wine which are made from the nebbiolo grape. Barolo is located in the Cuneo province and it can only be called a village.

Barolo is spread over a tiny area of 5.6 sq km and the population of the village is only around 750. The village is located close to the cities of Turin and Cuneo. Barolo is also located quite close to Alba, famous for the white truffle. Plenty of wine lovers from Italy and even from other countries visit Barolo to sample some of its famous wines.


Attractions in Barolo

Castello Falletti


The most interesting place to visit in Barolo is the ancient Castello Falletti. Except for the castle, there aren’t many other places to visit within the village. The castle was originally built in the 10th century to protect the settlement from invaders. The complex of the castle is quite huge and there are several attractions located within the castle like a museum and an enoteca. Parts of the original 10th century structure is still standing in the castle, however much of it was destroyed in the 16th century. The castle is located in the main piazza of the village and is standing on top of a hill. There is a small museum within the castle which provides information on the castle and the history of the village. Guided tours are available for the castle in Italian, English as well as a few other languages. The castle also provides excellent views of the regions located close to the village and the neighboring vineyards.


Barolo Crus

Barolo is mainly famous for its many vineyards which are known for their excellent quality wines. There are several Crus or vineyards located around the village and visiting one is the best thing to do in the region. Several different vineyards offer wine tasting tours to tourists at quite a low price. Most wine tasting tours include a light lunch, tasting session of their local wines, a short lesson on wine tasting tips and a trip to the vineyard where these grapes are grown. Two of the most known wine tasting providers in Barolo are Cru Cannubi and Marchesi di Barolo.


Enoteca Regionale Del Barolo

The enoteca regionale Del Barolo is located in the basement of the castle. This large enoteca has a very large collection of local wines. Visitors can get information on some of the local wines and can also taste some of the best known wines produced in the region. Charges for wine tasting depend on the number of wines that tourists choose to taste. Most tourists choose to taste three to five different types of the wines.

Getting to Barolo

Barolo is located just south of the city of Alba; there are several bus services which tourists can use to reach the village or the surrounding areas. The easiest way to get to Barolo is by a car, since there are quite a lot of good vineyards located on the outskirts which can be visited comfortably if you have a car. Tourists coming from Milan can take the A7 motor way in the direction of Turin. From Turin, visitors can take the A6 motor way towards Asti and then exit at Barolo. Alba is located just 15 km from Barolo; visitors can follow the SP3 highway to reach the village.


Moving Around Barolo

For moving around within the village the best way is to walk. Since the village is quite small most tourists prefer to walk around and explore the streets of the village. Visitors who have their own cars can also explore the nearby vineyards and regions by car. There is a free park close to the entrance of the village where visitors can park their cars. Most streets in Barolo are quite narrow and steep so parking cars inside the village is a little difficult. Even if visitors walk, the entire village can be covered in just 30 minutes.

Stay and Accommodation

Barolo is a very small village but because of its popularity as an excellent wine producing region it attracts many tourists throughout the year. For this reason, there are a few accommodation options in Barolo. The village has a few good hotels and bed & breakfasts, however, most tourists prefer to rent country homes, villas and farm houses to stay longer in the region and visit the vineyards located close to Barolo. Getting good rooms is not difficult even without advance booking. Some of the best hotels in Barolo are Locanda Della Posto di Barolo, Ca San Ponzio and Hotel Barolo. There are also quite a lot of good hotels located in the towns nearby.

Eating in Barolo

Barolo has a few good restaurants where visitors can dine. Despite of its small size there are quite a lot of restaurants and pizzerias in the village, mainly because of the rise in tourism in the recent years. The cuisine is quite typical, simple traditional dishes are served in most places. There are also a few good bars in the village, but the main attraction is the wine. Some of the best restaurants in Barolo are La Cantinetta, Locanda nel Borgo Antico, Osteria La Cantinetta, Ristorante Brezza, Ristorante del Buon Padre and bar Antico Cafe.


Shopping in Barolo

Barolo has a few places where visitors can shop. There are a few shops in the village that sell handicrafts and art pieces made by the local artisans, but the best thing to purchase in Barolo is wine. There are several wine shops in the village where visitors can purchase excellent red wines. Most wine shops in Barolo have a few wine bottles opened to allow visitors to taste them before they purchase. The largest collection of vintage local wines in the Enoteca located in the castle of the village.


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