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Dante Train
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Dante’s Train, an itinerary through art and beauty

From Florence to Ravenna, following the steps and life of the Italian poet.

Dante train

The Dante Train is a tourism initiative to promote both the beauty of Italy and the art of the poet. From two historic cities through the peaks of the Apennines. And the tiny villages in between. This is a must for all types of travelers. Even families. This will definitely become one of the most scenic train rides in the world.

The itinerary of the Dante Train

Since 2021 marks 700 years from the poet’s death, there is no better year to launch this route. This historic train connects Tuscany with the region Emilia Romagna, following the footsteps of Dante. In fact, the poet was born in Florence and he died in Ravenna. In between, he spoke and loved the tiny villages and the mountains of the Apennines.

And the Dante Train follows the poet’s life through these unforgettable stops:

  • Florence
  • Vaglia
  • Borgo San Lorenzo
  • Ronta
  • Scarperia and San Piero a Sieve
  • Vicchio
  • Crespino del Lamone
  • Marradi
  • Brisighella
  • Faenza
  • Ravenna

This unique route is curves and slopes, Medieval towns, and historic cities. Indeed, it’s filled with Instagram-worthy stops and views.

The highlights of the route

The beauty of Florence and Ravenna is doubtless. But have your ever heard of Scarperia or Brisighella? Here are a few places travelers can’t miss if you board the Dante Train.

Vaglia. This is an Etruscan city treasure. The town got new life during the Renaissance. And from this period is the mansion Villa Demidoff, with a lush garden and park. Plus the sculptures, a touch of art in nature. If you look up to the typical hills of Tuscany, you can see the church of Monte Senario, with an unforgettable view.

Scarperia and San Piero a Sieve. Two tiny villages in the altitude of Tuscany. The area of San pIERO is filled worthy sites, like the mansion Villa Adami and the Trebbio Castle -a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2013. Unmissable is the San Martino Fortress, built in 1569. In Scarperia, visitors can’t miss the 14th century palace and the ancient shop of the Coltellinaio, where people can see how to build and create a knife. Always with the help of an artisan.

Crespino del Lamone. This is the perfect headquarter for a walk or hike through the woods and trails. Anyone looking for a break in nature or from the hot days of Italian summer, will enjoy Crespino del Lamone. And tip the toes in the fresh waters of the Lamone River.

Brisighella. The Dante Train has already entered the Apennines and Emilia Romagna, so the altitude change and so does the landscape. This is a tiny village surrounded by woods and rocks, with a charming and historical feeling. And it’s famous for its beauty and sustainability. In fact, Brisighella is a Slow City, where the environment comes first.

Faenza. The last stop before Ravenna. The town is filled with history and monuments, like the Dome. It’s worth spending at least one afternoon in Faenza, strolling around, eating ice cream, and the famous tortellini. Plus, visitors can enjoy the museum of Ceramics, filled with art and beauty.

It doesn’t matter if you do just a 3 day, 5 day, one week, or 10-day itinerary in Italy, you shouldn’t miss Dante’s Train!

Dante Train
The tortellini are a specialty from Emilia Romagna.

Practical info for travelers

The Dante Train is a new itinerary, so the details are still scarce. Here’s what we know:

  • The train starts running on July, 3rd and it stops on October, 10th
  • It runs only during the weekends
  • The route takes one day, but visitors can get off where they prefer
  • It’s doable in one day too. In fact, the train leaves in the morning from Florence and it arrives in Ravenna by lunch. In the later afternoon, it does the opposite route
  • There are a total of 234 seats on this historic train

Reservations aren’t open yet, but Life in Italy will keep travelers posted. Finally, cyclists can also board bicycles, to enjoy a different kind of vacation. Visitors who are looking for information, can also contact the local tourism office. It’s the Mugello Toscana and the email is: [email protected].

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2 years ago

A perfect mix between poetry and beautiful landscapes

2 years ago

I didn’t know anything about this train it’s very interesting thank you