Mausoleum of Augustus
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Back after 15 years, the Mausoleum of Augustus is finally open to the public

This historical site in Rome closed in 2007 for renovations. Finally open again, the Mausoleum of Augustus is already sold out.

Mausoleum of Augustus
Image via Cecilia Fabiano/ LaPresse

The history of the Mausoleum of Augustus

This is one of the most important monumens of the Roman Empire. Why? Beacuse the very first emperor built it. Indeed, Gaio Giulio Cesare Augusto did it. He began construction in 28 B.C. Being a mausoleum, Gaio Augusto was buried here in 14 A.C. And so was the emperor’s family.

The last burial at the Mausoleum of Augustus dates back to 139 D.C. After that, emperor Adriano built a new eternal place of rest: the gorgeous Castel Sant’Angelo.

At its origins, the mausoleum had one great, circular construction. All made of white marble. A dome stood above it, with a stunning and tiny woods of evergreens.

A time of decay

As the Roman Empire faded away, so did the prestige of this site. Robbers took the marble and any type of useful material. Suddenly, everyone forgor the historical and cultural importance of this place. Believe it or not, at one point this was a vineyard. The dome almost disappeared.

During the 1900s, Romans built a square around the mausoleum, which was its center. But still, no works of restorations happened. And, once again, the site went into abandonment. It was filled with grass and it was dirty. Access was closed in 2007.

Then, the restorations began in 2017. Finally, the mausoleum was to be brough back to its glory.

Open for business

The restorations didn’t just bring back to life the Mausoleum of Augustus. In fact, the works also touched the square. The parking lots have been destroyed. Instead, the city improved the public transportation network. Visitors can also enjoy an itinerary that takes them thorugh the Roman museums.

Everyone was excited, not just local politicians. The good news was that the entrance is free until April, 21st. The bad news? The tickets are already sold out. So, officials extended the free entrance until June, 30th. Once again, it was sold out in a few hours.

Mausoleum of Augustus
Image via Cecilia Fabiano/ LaPresse

Will you add the Mausoleum to your Roman itinerary?

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1 year ago

Wonderful news! But considering the covid situation, is it safe for tourists?