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Varese Ligure

Varese Ligure

Varese Ligure is a small village and commune located in the region of Liguria in Italy in the province of La Spezia. The village is located close to the cities of Genoa and La Spezia. Verese Ligure is spread over an area of 136 sq km and has a population of 2254. Verese is located amongs lush woods and rolling hills which provide beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

The rural architecture and its ancient stone houses make Varese a charming village to visit at leisure. The land around the village is known for its fertile land and the village is well known in the entire region for its organic farming. 

Getting to Varese Ligure

Varese Ligure is located close to the cities of La Spezia and Genoa. Both of these cities are well connected to almost all large cities in Italy and Genoa is also connected to locations throughout Europe through flights. Visitors can first reach Genoa or La Spezia and then travel to Varese Ligure. From either of these cities visitors can find taxis as well as buses for Varese. The state buses depart a few times every week from Genoa, La Spezia and other towns in the province fro Varese. Tickets can be bought at the station and buses are quite comfortable. Visitors can also drive down to the village easily.

Moving Around the Village

Most sight seeing attractions in Varese Ligure are located close to the center of the town so visitors can easily explore them all on foot within a few hours. The center of the town is quite compact and has several narrow pedestrian streets that are surrounded by old stone houses. Visitors who have their own cars can also drive around to explore the other sections of the village. Another option is to travel by the local public buses which operate in the village.

Attractions in Varese Ligure

The Castle

Inside Varese Ligure

The most interesting monument to visit in Varese Ligure is the ancient castle which is now a private property. The castle has a large tower that dates back to 1435. The turret mast was built forty years later. The castle can be admired from outside the walls since it is not open to visitors. 


Church of San Filipo Neri and Santa Teresa D’Avila

The ancient church of San Filipo Neri and Santa Teresa D’Avila was built in 1676. Inside the church are several beautiful art works and paintings. The center piece is the beautiful San Francesco Saverio which was made by Gregario De Ferrari who was a 17th century master from Genoa. The church is a part of a cloistered convent.

The Monastery

The monastery of Varese Ligure is mostly well known for its beautiful garden. The garden of the monastery is where the nuns grew several different types of local herbs, dried mushrooms and made several different types of cake. The famous almond cakes, Sciuette was developed here with a secret recipe.

Church of San Giovanni Battista

Castle of Varese Ligure

The church of San Giovanni Battista was originally built in the 17th century and has been renovated a few times. Inside the church is a well preserved precious Madonna con Bambino in alabaster which was made in the 16th century by an English artist. There is a 16th century statue in wood and beautiful 16th century wooden choir stalls. 


Oratory of Sant Antonio e Rocco

The oratory of Sant Antonio e Rocco is well worth a visit due to its beautiful interior. The interior of the oratory has been decorated with several precious ornaments, frescoes, paintings and stuccos. The oratory was built in the 17th century and has beautiful golden lanterns, statues of Jesus and tow golden pastoral staffs which have been well preserved.

Grexino Bridge

The Grexino Bridge is located just outside Varese Ligure. The bridge had been built in the 16th century and has a beautiful and elegant architecture. It has a single barreled vault and was used by one of the earliest urban settlements in the area.

Stay and Accommodation

Varese Ligure is quite a small village but it does have many options in terms of accommodation. There are plenty of good hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and properties available on rent for visitors to choose from. Most hotels are located close to the center of the town; however, there are also a few farm houses located on the outskirts which can be rented by visitors that prefer to stay in Varese for longer. Some of the most well known hotels in the village are hotel Amici, Frattoria Monte Carmel, Fattoria Fiume, Agri Cibale, Hotel II Boschetto, Ca Nova, Cascina Gaia, hotel Monte Zatta and hotel Parmiggiani Vilma. 

Eating in Varese Ligure

There are many good restaurants in Varese Ligure where visitors can eat. There are also a few good pizzerias and traditional trattorias and osterias. Visitors would mostly find traditional dishes and local Italian cuisine in most restaurants, not many of them serve international cuisine. There are also few good bars and cafes in the village where visitors would find a good selection of local wines and some light lunch dishes and appetizers. Most dishes here include chestnuts and porcini mushrooms. Some of the most well known restaurants in the village are trattoria del Gallo Nero, osteria Du Chicchinettu, ristoratne Margherita and I Fieschi.

Shopping in Varese Ligure

Varese Ligure has many good places where visitors can purchase local specialties. The village is mostly known for its organic agricultural produce. The village is known for its good quality porcini mushrooms and chestnuts which are available in almost all food shops in the village. The village is also known for its organic honey which is of very good quality as well as various forest fruits. In the older sections of the village there are several shops where visitors can find locally made clothes, shoes, woolen clothes as well as various handicrafts. Visitors can also purchase varieties of local wines from most wine shops in Varese Ligure.

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