Val d’Orcia

The area of Val d’Orcia is a part of the agricultural landscape of Siena, which was developed and redrawn when it was made a part of the city-state in the 14th and 15th centuries. Val d’Orcia’s landscape, with its fortified villages and small towns, is typical of the area and […]

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Southern Tuscany

Places to see in Southern Tuscany   Capalbio Capalbio is located at the southern extreme of the Toscana Maremma. At the beginning of the 1300s the castle was under the dominion of a local family of Lords (probably descendants of Guido di Capalbio cited in an act of 1203), who […]

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Vallombrosa: a natural haven of peace in Tuscany Considering the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere at Vallombrosa, the motto Ora et labora, pray and work, was certainly used by its monks, since the earliest times. Vallombrosa is actually known for its perfect combination of nature and calm: the territory hosts one of […]

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Bicycling in Tuscany

Biking, in the form of traveling on a two-wheel vehicle with pedals and transmission chains, gets you to your destination after a lot of huffing and puffing, and honest-to-goodness exercise. But this is also the form of transport that gives you the time to look around and to savor the […]

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Lari, Pisa – Tuscany   Lari is a town and a commune located in Tuscany, Italy in the province of Pisa. The town is located close to Florence and Pisa and is spread out over an area of approximately 45 sq km. Lari is located on the left side of […]

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san miniato

San Miniato

San Miniato: a not so stereotypical Tuscan destination   Panoramic view of San Miniato from the Torre Federico II. Ph. flickr/Jacqueline Poggi   If you have decided to spend your holidays in Tuscany, there are some little characteristic locations you may like to explore. Lesser known yet not less beautiful than […]

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Volterra. Ph. Giuseppe Milo on flickr (flic.kr/p/JaEYVU)   Volterra is a commune and town located in the province of Pisa in Tuscany. The town has been inhabited since Neolithic times and was an important Etruscan settlement. During the rule of the Romans, the town became a municipium and gained much […]

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Arezzo History and Sights

  Piazza Grande in Arezzo. Ph. depositphoto.com/scrisman   100,140 inhabitants. Arezzo is a beautiful city in Tuscany, and like the rest of the region it offers a spectacular scenes of medieval buildings and harmonious architecture, right in the middle of four gorgeous natural valleys. Arezzo is actually a very old […]

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