Pescia is a town in Tuscany mainly known for its floricultural and agricultural activities, its scenic locations and the hills covered by olive trees.

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The ideal destination for nature lovers Tuscany is one of the most varied regions of Italy, thanks to the different sceneries and geographical areas it offers: sea, countryside and mountains. However, there is an area which may not be on the most beaten of tracks, but is well worth a visit: […]

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siena cathedral

Siena, the Cathedral

The term ‘Gothic’ has not been a traditional compliment in the imperious lexicon of the most influential schools of thought in Italian architecture. Why bother with a framework when our walls are built to last? The piers, buttresses and arches of Normandy held no charms for visionaries tumid with their […]

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Itinerary in San Gimignano and Volterra

San Gimignano and Volterra are two Tuscan hill towns, physically close to each other, but very different. You might consider travelling first to Volterra and then on to San Gimignano, planning to arrive there about 5 PM. San Gimignano hosts a LOT of tourists during the day but most of […]

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best restaurants florence

Top 10 Restaurants in Florence

Florence has plenty of excellent places where you can get to taste some of the best varieties of both local and international cuisine. Along with the numerous food chains and fast food restaurants, there is plenty of dining choices for travelers, where they can relish some of its delicious foods, in some […]

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