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Murano glass

The D’Este Murano Glass Factory:

The D’Este Murano glass factory was established in 1965 by a man from the island of Murano. He operated the company until 1995 when the activity was passed on to his sons. D’Este has always been a family enterprise. Presently, there are 6 master artisans working in this company. D’Este production is basically artistic and decorative. All items are completely hand made: Reticello, Zanfirico, Murrina and Golden Leaves (all these are very ancient different ways of working the glass).


Is a way of working very thin pieces of glass heated in the oven at 1200 degrees, placing one piece on another to obtain a cage-like design. This ancient technique has been passed on from father to son through the centuries.


Is a typical Murano way of working the glass using glass to obtain the internal spinal design. You can find Zanfirico only on Murano island.


Is a very difficult and complicated way of working the glass, using very small pieces of colored glass assembled to create a sort of stick. These sticks are sliced into very small pieces and put all together resulting in a flower effect. Murrina too is a very ancient way of working the glass.

Golden Leaves:

Decorative leaves are created by mixing the molten glass with powdered gold. Everything can be refined with the application of these precious golden leaves.

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