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Castelnuovo Magra

View of Castelnuovo Magra

Castelnuovo Magra is a small comune and town located in the region of Liguria in Italy in the province of La Spezia. The town is located close to the cities of La Spezia and Genoa. Castelnuovo Magra is spread over an area of 14 sq km and has a population close to 7900.

The commune is made up of four small subdivisions and villages. Castelnuovo Magra is located on Mount Bastion with stunning views of the neighboring landscape and the gulf. The town was first documented in the 12th century for its rich history and art.

Getting to Castelnuovo Magra

The nearest airport is located in Pisa or Genoa so visitors coming from other countries can first reach either of these two cities and then travel to Castelnuovo Magra. The nearest train station is located in Carrara. Visitors can also travel by buses which have scheduled services by ATC. Castelnuovo Magra can be reached by the A12 motorway that connects Genoa to Livorno. From Genoa visitors can take an exit at Sarzana and then go in the direction of Massa to reach the town. Those travelling from Livorno can exit at Carrara and then take SS1 towards Sarzana to reach the town.

Moving Around the Town

Castelnuovo Magra

Castelnuovo Magra is a very small town. The entire town is spread over an area of just 14 sq km so it is quite easy to explore it all on foot. There are only a few places to be visited within the town, which visitors can easily cover by walking. The streets in the town are quite narrow and twisting so most areas would not be comfortable for driving. Visitors who want to explore the other smaller villages and hamlets that are located close to the town can be explored with a car.

Attractions in Castelnuovo Magra

Oratorio dei Bianchi

The Oratorio dei Bianchi is located at the entrance of the village. Most villages in the region are characterized by several small oratories that have been built over the centuries. However, Oratorio dei Bianchi is quite large and intimidating in size. The oratorio has a renaissance style façade and has been renovated a few times over the centuries.


Church of Santa Maria Magdalena

Borgo of Castelnuovo Magra

The church of Santa Maria Magdalena is located close to the Oratoria dei Bianchi at the entrance of the village. The church has been built in a late renaissance style of architecture. Inside the church are various beautiful sculptures that have been made from the famous Carrara marble. The architecture of the church is quite typical to this region, however, the interior does not have many decorations except for the sculptures.


The Castle

Castelnuovo Magra is mainly known for its ancient castle which was once the capital of the Bishop of Luni’s domain. The castle had been originally built in the 12th century by Bishop Walter and then later completed by Henry of Fucecchio who developed the Code Pelavicino. Quite a lot of changes and additions have been made to the castle over the centuries. Today, visitors can see the remains of the large ancient walls, the masonry sections of the original castle and the large tower which had a rectangular plan.


Cornelius Ingolotti Palace

The ancient palazzo of Cornelius Ingolotti is located on the main street of Castelnuovo Magra. The palace was built in the 18th century and has an impressive elegant architecture that resembles the architecture of the Venetian palaces. The palace had been originally built for residence purposes and has beautiful windows and a massive door. Another noteworthy palace is the Tonarelli Ferrari Natolin palace located on the same main road.

Stay and Accommodation

Castelnuovo Magra

Castelnuovo Magra is quite a small town and there are not many places to visit within the town. Except for the castle and one or two churches, the town does not offer much to tourists, which is why there are only a few visitors that travel to Castelnuovo Magra each year. Also, since the town is located quite close to the bigger cities of Genoa, Pisa and the other towns of the province, most people visit Castelnuovo Magra as a day excursion and do not prefer to spend the night in town. There are only a few hotels and bed & breakfasts in town that offers clean and comfortable rooms to visitors. Most of these are located close to the center of the town. There are also a few villas and country homes which can be rented by visitors if they prefer to stay longer in the town. Some of the most well known hotels in the town are hotel Smeraldo, holiday village Ippotru, hotel the Maurizio Beltrami, Dell’Amico Rezzonico, The poodle, Home in the sun and hotel Bella Vista.

Eating in Castelnuovo Magra

There are a few good places in Castelnuovo Magra where visitors can eat. There are some good restaurants, pizzerias and a few traditional trattorias in town where visitors can find good and inexpensive food. Most hotels in town offer traditional regional dishes and typical Italian cuisine from the other regions. There are also a few bars and cafes in Castelnuovo Magra where good wine and drinks are available along with traditional light appetizers. Some of the best known places to eat in the town are trattoria Armanda, the castle restaurant, ristorante white, ristorante Dei Pini, ristoratne Da Rizieri and ristorante Vanita. Except for these there are a few small bakeries in the town, especially in the older section where visitors can find good pastries, freshly baked bread and cheese for a light lunch.

Shopping in Castelnuovo Magra

There are only a few places in Castelnuovo Magra where visitors can shop and these are mostly in the old market where the locals do their daily shopping. visitors can purchase the traditional pastries, good quality extra virgin olive oil and cheese from most food stores. Castelnuovo Magra is also famous for its Colli Di Luni Vermentino DOC wine which can be purchased from any wine shop in the town.

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