Bocelli and Via Francigena

Andrea Bocelli on set for his documentary about the Via Francigena

The Italian singer is shooting a documentary about the Via Francigena.

Bocelli on set
The route Francigena. Image via.

Andrea Bocelli is on set in Lazio, to star in his documentary The Journey. The cameras follow Bocelli and the Via Francigena, all on a horse’s back.

What we know so far

The cameras have just started rolling, but a few details have emerged. The singer will ride his horse through the famous and gorgeous route. His journey starts in Rome and it will end in Lajatico, in Tuscany, his town. He has already passed by Formello and Sutri, where he will visit an ancient amphitheater. Then on to the town of Montefiascone, which marks exactly 100 kilometers from Rome.

In the capital, Bocelli met the Pope, who gave him his blessing for the pilgrimage along the Via Francigena. On the other hand, the Tuscan city of Siena waits for the singer. In fact, Bocelli is expected to have a concert in the Medieval city. Perhaps by the gorgeous castle of Siena.

Since the pilgrimage of Bocelli and the Via Francigena depends on the pace and rhythm, there are no definitive dates yet. But, during his journey, the singer always receives a warm welcome. Like in the city of Viterbo, where the tenor and the crew mixed with the local population. And the locals were incredulous.

Bocelli and the Via Francigena

Bocelli and the Via Francigena

So, why is Bocelli doing this journey? To promote the territory and to reflect on the trails of this Italian pilgrimage. And there is no better place than Italy.

”In this dramatic situation, fear is the only thing we should fear. To get out of this situation, we need culture and kindness. We can’t never give those up.”

In fact, the documentary will portray the natural beauty of the country. Also the human beauty of it, with the crew discovering tiny yet charming villages. Like the town of Formello, in Lazio, which sits in a regional park. Just as interesting is the historic center with the Chiesa di San Lorenzo, a church from the 1400s.

Or the town of Sutri, which made Bocelli a honorary citizen thanks to his “voice that rises to the sky, a gift in the heart of all citizens.” While the tenor accepted the honor, he also enjoyed the beauty of the tiny town. In fact, there is a Roman amphitheater as well as the Church of Madonna del Parto, carved into the mountain.

Indeed, the pilgrimage route of the Via Francigena takes visitors and Bocelli through untouched beauty. It’s the beauty of the Italy that has remained true to itself.

Promoting the Via Francigena

This documentary isn’t the only effort to promote and preserve this route. In fact, 2021 is supposed to be the year of the initiative Road to Rome. The best part of this route is that it can be done on foot, by bicycle or on horse.

One way to promote this unique heritage is the nomination for the UNESCO World Site. So far, the Via Francigena is on the tentative list. Perhaps Bocelli’s documentary will give it the final (and deserved) boost.

Bocelli and Via Francigena
The gorgeous route, image via Facebook.

Follow the journey of Bocelli with Life in Italy!

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Susan W Johnson
2 months ago

Anxious to see when The Journey will be available!

1 year ago

Please post when the video is released. We’ve subscribed to this discussion so we should be notified of new postings. Grazie

1 year ago

The “Road of Rome” by foot for the most courageous people !

1 year ago

It can be a very interesting documentary i can’t wait to see