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Italian craft cocktail

The latest creation for your aperitivo: the Italian Craft Cocktail

Six flavors of craft beer, less alcohol, and Covid-safe cans.

Italian craft cocktail
The latest cans, made by Birra Paladin. Image via Baladin Instagram.

Baladin Spirits had the innovative idea of the Italian Craft Cocktail. And it’s both a way to stay relevant after the pandemic and to create a new market. Indeed, a win-win concept.

What is the Italian Craft Cocktail

These are six cocktails of innovative ingredients. Like the beer distillare or the smoked tonic drinks. Three of these beers feature 100% Italian ingredients, the best of the peninsula. And the best professionals from the industry created these cans. In fact, the concept came from experts such as bartender Dennis Zoppi and Carlo Quaglia, whose family has had a distillery for generations.

The flavors are:

  • Beermouth & tonic
  • Beer & Hugo
  • Beer Americano
  • Moscow Beer
  • Sidro Spritz
  • Gin Tonic

Indeed, beer meets cocktails like gin to create something completely new. While the flavors vary, these cans have two common features. One is the capacity, which is 237ml. While the other is the opening. In fact, the opening is at 360°, so you won’t have any contact with the liquid. And it’s a precaution against Covid, too. You remove the whole lid and the tin can turns into a cup. Safe and easy.

This is mixology at its best, with innovative yet delicious recipes. And there is truly something for every palate. Not just in term of flavors but also thanks to the alcoholic levels. The Sidro Spritz has the least amount, with an ABV of 5.3%. While the Beer Americano has the highest ABV at 7%.

A chance to restart

Teo Musso is the founder of Baladin Spirits. And the mind behind the Italian Craft Cocktail. Restaurants and bars had always been his biggest clients. Until the pandemic hit. With the forced closures and restrictions, the company lost 40% in revenue. Now that Italy is starting to reopen, Musso wanted something new and different to take over the market.

These craft cocktails are Musso’s answer to Covid. Since they are the perfect mix of beer and flavor, they are the perfect Italian aperitivo choice. Thanks to the low calories count and the low alcoholic content, these drinks are great for people who want a sip of fun.

“It can be served with dignity,” Musso said to ANSA, “like a well-made drink in bars that don’t focus on mixology. Or people can drink it at home, with a fe cubes of ice or straight from the can.”

The Baladin innovation

Do you need one more reason to try the Italian Craft Cocktail? This is a sustainable choice. In fact, the packaging is eco-friendly. The aluminum can is 100% recyclable. And, since you don’t need a glass, you won’t have to worry about plastic cups. So, it’s green, delicious, and 100% Italian. Can it get any better?

Perhaps for the lovers of spice, it might. In fact, Baladin offers the Tonica Paprika, a limited edition drink. It’s a soft yet flavorful idea, perfect with gin. Otherwise, you can also try the Sidro, the fruit-based fermented beverages. Plus, they are gluten free.

This artisanal distillery is changing the world of beer and cocktails. One sip at a time. Which of the six flavors would you try first?

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3 years ago

I like that they created a eco-friendly packaging, it’s a very important fact nowadays

3 years ago

This is finally how to get a 100% italian aperitiv 🙂