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  • The Good Mothers: women of ‘Ndrangheta as we’ve never seen before
    The Good Mothers is a brand-new production that debuted in April 2023 and is currently catching everyone’s attention. The six total episodes may at first appear insufficient to adequately emphasize and expose the crimes committed by the Rosarno mafia and its environs. But everything worked out perfectly with Julian Arrold and Elisa Amoruso in charge. While admiring the Good Mothers’ acting, it is impossible to ignore the emotional struggles and family obligations that do not allow for a minimal amount of rights. The agony is felt. You can’t try anything else when you’re stoically staring at the television while attempting […]
  • Pizzicagnoli: a journey through history and tradition
    The term pizzicagnolo is never out of style. You may be wondering what this term means and why it is so important in Italian cuisine. This article will explain who the pizzicagnoli are, what they did in the past, and, most importantly, how they influenced Italian gastronomy!Since the 14th century, it has been a key professional figure. Its role has evolved and changed in a variety of ways over time. Younger children may have never heard of it, or at least not under that name.But let’s take it slowly… The pizzicagnolo is still present in small rural villages and historic […]
  • History of the Italian Bar
    Which came first, the Bar or the Caffè?Sipping a coffee at a table outside a bar is a daily habit for most Italians, including myself. In Bolsena, my house is directly above the Bar in the main square. In the morning, I like to go down the stairs and have a cappuccino and croissant (brioche) while reading the newspaper (usually the bars provide a newspaper to read). But what were the causes? Venice, gateway to the East, was one of the first European ports to import coffee beans in the 16th century. It was the Paduan botanist Prospero Alpino who […]
  • Le Marche: The most popular gastronomic products
    As a marchigiano (native of le Marche) who lives in this region, I can attest to the Marche’s scenic beauty and culinary tradition. The cuisine is made up of simple and authentic flavors. In most cases, they are built around high-quality ingredients that have been grown and produced locally for generations. Tradition has it that way.In this article, I will introduce you to the most iconic products and culinary traditions of my region! Instead, I won’t go into detail about recipes. Instead, I won’t go into detail about recipes and preparation methods which can be found easily with a Google […]
  • Studying in Perugia: Student Advice to a Foreigner
    You are not a resident of Italy, but wish to study on the peninsula. I’m assuming you are aware of the fantastic courses available in the bel paese, in this case. I suppose the combination of our culture, natural beauty, and professionalism is one of the main reasons you want to continue your education with us. I study veterinary medicine at the university of Perugia, Umbria, a lush region in the middle of Italy. During my studies, I met a number of colleagues who lived abroad but came to study with us. Who knows how many more I’ll run into […]
  • Bizu Shoes
    Unique Afro-Italian Brand that Revolutionized Ballerina and Mules—a Fashion to the World!
  • Emporio Armani
    The Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani became an international innovative icon for the successful designs that wear the Italian tag
  • Prada
    Prada signifies style and luxury, designer handbags, and fabulous shoes. Born nearly a century ago, The House of Prada with designer products is recognized worldwide for its simple and elegant creations. How did Prada start? The Prada brand’s history Mario Prada started the Prada label in 1913. He designed and sold handbags, shoes, trunks, and suitcases through two boutiques in Milan, and had clients across Europe and the US. When the signature Prada suitcase, made from heavy, cumbersome walrus skin, proved to be ill-suited for air travel, Prada concentrated on designing exquisite leather accessories and waterproof handbags. Miuccia Prada, taking […]
  • Antonio Banderas joins the cast of ‘ The Monster of Florence’
    The TV show is is at its early stages, but the cast is slowly coming to life. If Antonio Banderas is in it, it’s a guarantee of success. When true crime meets television the result is the Italian miniseries with what seems to be a crew full of stars and talent. Studiocanal will produce it, while Danish Nikolaj Arcel will direct it. The series is based on the book, “The monster Of Florence: A true story,” published in 2006. While there aren’t many details about this show, the name of Antonio Banderas is official. The international star will play the […]
  • Deep down to the roots of the Colosseum
    Going deep into the Colosseum ipogei.
  • Ferrari launches the 296 GTB, with its first hybrid V6
    Here are all the details about this new, stylish Ferrari.
  • The Perugia hospital launches a dancing challenge
    Dancing to leave the pandemic behind.
  • Casinos and gambling halls reopen amidst industry’s crisis
    Covid hit the industry, now ready to restart.
  • LeasysGo, Elba Ferries, and Flixbus: new services for travelers
    More ways of traveling. One for Rome, the other for the Tuscan Elba island. And more bus routes. Travelers can now enjoy their vacations even more. LeasysGo connects the airport of Roma Fiumicino with the city. Meanwhile, Elba Ferries offers an express connection between land and island. Are you ready to plan your Italian vacation? LeasysGo from Rome Fiumicino This is a car sharing service, which is both sustainable and free floating. It runs to and from the airport of Roma Fiumicino. Since there is no Uber to pick up passengers, this can be an affordable and stylish solution for […]
  • The city of Follonica launches the Kiss Zones
    A campaign for lovers in Tuscany.
  • Pizza Self 24 opens in Rome
    Practical info for foodies and more.
  • Every Breath Foundation, how Sting supports Italian businesses
    A foundation to help businesses recover after the pandemic.
  • Murdered for disobeying, the story of Saman Abbas
    They wanted her to marry. She refused.
  • She refuses the arranged marriage. Then she disappears.
    The story of Saman Abbas: Saman Abbas comes from a Muslim family. Following tradition, the parents found her a groom. But Saman wasn’t having it. It’s a story of arranged marriage in Italy. And a possible crime.
  • The icon of ballet Carla Fracci has died
    The famous dancer and icon died at 84, after an unforgettable career. Carla Fracci was born in 1936 in Milan. And there, she studied ballet at the famous Theater La Scala. During the decades of her career, the dancer charmed not only Italy. But the entire world. Ballet is life Fracci made her debut in 1955 on the stage of Piermarini theater. While she was 19 when she first danced on stage, Fracci started dancing when she was 10. She graduated in 1954 thanks to teachers like Vera Volkova. Still, her career started almost by chance when two friends of […]
  • Buy a house in Italy: under 36 can save a lot of money!
    Thirty years old Italians had to face a series of difficulties. First the collapse of the global economy, now the post Coronavirus situation. This generation of the old Millennials passed through the crisis of 2008-2013, and before it could recover, the pandemic arrived. It is not a surprise if, in ten years, the absolute poverty rate of under 35s in Italy has doubled. It is therefore very difficult for young people to buy a house in Italy. Even couples face serious difficulties. Home in Italian is “casa”. Buy a “casa” in Italy for young people seems to be a real […]
  • The Italian Maneskin win the Eurovision Song Contest
    After 31 years, the crown is back in Italy. Watch: the moment the Maneskin win the Eurovision Emotions ran wild for the young Italian band. And the suspence left everyone breathless. Do you want to see how it ended? Fast-forward to minute 14, to see Switzerland and Italy battling it out at the Eurovision Song Contest. Who are the Maneskin? Life in Italy has always been a fan of the winners of Sanremo 2021. They are the future of music. And not just Italian music. In fact, the Maneskin win the Eurovision is a chance for Italy to show off […]
  • Italians triumph at the European Aquatics Championships
    The results no one is reporting.
  • Cinderella exists. But it’s not a fairytale.
    Cinderella exists. But it’s not a fairytale. She’s a young girl living in Turin. Abused and forced to do domestic chores by her stepsisters. Sound familiar?
  • The Biennale Architettura 2021 has opened its doors in Venice
    What to see and how to visit.
  • The songwriter Franco Battiato dies. He was 76.
    Franco Battiato died. An icon of Italian music, here’s how the maestro lived.
  • Let’s take a look at the Gucci Garden Archetypes exhibit
    A fashion house and a unique exhibit in Florence.
  • The Treccani erases derogative synonyms for the word “woman”
    Because a woman deserves better.
  • The submerged village of Curon sees the light
    A submerged village and a Netflix show
  • “My wife doesn’t cook and iron,” he goes to court. The judge sides with her.
    The reality of a housewife in Italy.