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LGBTQ news
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What’s going on in Italy? The latest news for the LGBTQ community.

From a priest rejecting the Vatican’s latest decisions, to some good news. Finally. Find out all the latest news here.

LGBTQ news

It’s no secret that, in Italy, the LGBTQ community has its challenges and setbacks. But, sometimes, there are also good news. It’s a mixed bag and Life in Italy is here to report the latest LGBTQ news from Italy. For better or for worse.

Good: the local priest standing up to the Vatican

As we’ve reported on the sex and Italians article, just recently the Pope and his council took a controversial decision. What is it? The Vatican can’t impart blessing on same-sex couples. Local priest Bonassola Giulio Mignani (aka Don Giulio) disagreed. During the Sunday of the Palms, tradition dictates that Catholic priests bless branches of olive oils and palms.

“The Church has also blessed weapons. How can it forbid blessing to same-sex couples? To a loving couple, simply because homosexuals?,” Don Giulio said, “if I can’t bless them, than I won’t bless any branches.” To the priest, this is a form of protest. He believes the real sin is calling homosexual love a “sin.”

Bad: the Lega Nord trying to stop the law against homophobia

When speaking about LGBTQ news from Italy, it’s almost impossible to avoid the political party Lega Nord. It’s a populist party, preaching against anyone who isn’t white, Italian, and heterosexual. Hence, the Lega’s opposition to the so called Zan Law.

If passed, this law will introduce new crime to the Italian legal system. New sentences will take place for discrimination crimes, including against the LGBTQ community. Hence, any organizations or groups born with this final, homophobic aim will be illegal.

Indeed, it’s a modern proposal, perhaps too modern for a Catholic country. And for a populist, homophobic political party.

LGBTQ in Italy

Good: the Court of Appeals in Bari recognizing same-sex families

A lesbian couple had registered its baby at the registry office. One was the biological mother, while the other was her partner. Local organizations raised concerns, trying to overturn the registration. But, in February 2021, the Court of Appeals confirmed its validity.

One month later, the same Court from Bari recognized a family made of two dads. It confirmed and legalized the birth certificate. Before, the couple had to fight to include the name of the adoptive father on the certificate. But the Courts had rejected the request, citing a 2019 ruling. This ruling established that due fathers couldn’t appear on the same birth certificate. To these judges, it was against public order.

But the Court of Appeals in Bari disagreed.

Bad: the homophobic attack in Rome, LGBTQ news from Italy

A gay couple was waiting for the train at the stop Valle Aurelia in Rome. The couple was kissing and an Italian man didn’t like it. So much so that he crossed the tracks to attack them. The local 31-year old kicked and punched the partners, while being filmed by witness and security cameras. The victims went to the police right away.

Jean Pierre is one of the victims. He talked to the website Gaynews, recounting the experience.

”While I was kissing my partner, we suddenly heard a man screaming from the platform in front of us,” Jean Pierre recounted, “What are you doing? Aren’t you ashamed?.” Pierre answered him, “Why do you care?” That’s when the man crossed the tracks.

Thanks to the images and clips of the attack, the police quickly recognized the man and apprehended him. For now, he’s only charged with aggravated injuries, without any discrimination charges. And that’s why the approval of the Zan Law is so important.

Stay tuned for more LGBTQ news from Italy. In the meantime, you can read about the rights and history of the LGBTQ community in Italy here.

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