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The 29th edition of Eurochocolate, the International Chocolate Festival

Today marked the end of the 29th edition of Eurochocolate, the classic celebration for young and old alike. When it comes to chocolate, we don’t mess around, and this festival is proof of that. It’s a national success; the previous edition drew 150,000 visitors who couldn’t resist the allure of chocolate.

The motto of this edition was E=mc^2 (Eurochocolate = molto cioccolato (=a lot of chocolate), which comes from Einstein’s theory of relativity, because chocolate masters are still scientists.

The 29th Edition – the plan

The 29th edition began on October 13th, with a rich program that has literally driven the most greedy guests insane! The program was presented on October 6 in the Hyundai Toy Motor exhibition room in Perugia, chosen to coincide with the debut of the new Hyundai Kona automobile.

Cocoa Pasta – 29th edition of Eurochocolate

The program has combined a very simple concept: to provide visitors with the most chocolatey experience imaginable! As a result, this edition has affirmed the return of the cherished chocolate sculptures, one of the more popular appointments.

Ernst and Frau Knam, two renowned pastry heroes, visited Eurochocolate on October 14. There were also the new Masterchef Italia winners from the famed Italian cooking school. Francesco Aquila (10th edition winner) and Edoardo Franco (12th edition winner) performed in a wonderful cooking presentation themed on chocolate and cocoa.

To say the least, the program was extensive: tastings by Lindt Maitre Chocolatier, Tropical Chocolate Experience, tastings supervised by the Venezuelan embassy… In short, who has more of it? There was truly something for everyone.

A chocolate stand to suit every palate

Chocolate Experience

This year’s organizers have designed three separate yet easily accessible pavilions. The Chocolate Experience pavilion featured spaces dedicated to educational and visual activities relating to the world of chocolate, as well as prior guests and collaborators. Culinary activities included cooking displays alternated with cocoa and chocolate-themed tastings, such as the Choco Lab.

Visitors to work with the chocolate maritozzo during the Cooking lab!

The sweet tooth could enjoy the Tree to Bar, a path focused on the stimulation of the five senses to get closer to the world of chocolate, for a price and by reservation. Visitors could also witness the production line of various products at this exhibit, which they could then purchase directly.

Funny Chocolate

Chocolate has no secrets, even for children. The Funny Stand, a full pavilion dedicated to fun and family games, was built specifically for them. The Eurochocolate provided something for everyone, from themed inflatables to entertainment activities and themed installations.

Chocolate for every taste! From chocolates to very tasty desserts

Chocolate Show

Last but not least, we couldn’t pass up an entire pavilion devoted to the sale of pastries, ice cream, chocolate, and other delectable treats. A total of 153 firms gathered to propose the most recent news and products that are always tastier and more popular, a sweet tooth’s dream!

Italia del Cioccolato could not skip the chocolate, with a length of more than 13 meters this stand was dedicated to the Made in Italy, featuring a section devoted to the popular Italian Gianduiotto.

The 29th Edition of Eurochocolate – Made in Italy | Credit

It was a delight to find as many as 25 chocolate producers from the main cocoa-producing countries for the most refined tastes and lovers of unique and international chocolate. Dominican Republic, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Jamaica, Thailand, and Madagascar were just a few of the Eurochocolate’s major players.

But watch out for more than just chocolate! Unmissable MercaVino experiences: an area where, thanks to the participation of 18 wineries, visitors could learn about, taste, compare, and purchase a selection of the best regional wine proposals.

The Festival’s History

Eugenio Guarducci | credit

After attending the Oktoberfest in Munich in 1993, architect Eugenio Guarducci’s bright mind gave birth to Eurochocolate. Eugenio returned to his homeland, Perugia, full of astonishment and pleasure for the spirit of celebration and humor he discovered at the beer festival. At the age of 18, he decided to honor his birthplace by organizing a celebration similar to the Oktoberfest, but with chocolate!

Perugia is home to the renowned Perugina, an artisan workshop founded in 1907 that produces, among other things, the popular Bacio Perugina chocolates.

Moreover, Eugenio Guarducci is now the president of Eurochocolate, which has evolved over the years and has been able to capitalize on the initial surge of enthusiasm. It is still an unmissable event for chocolate lovers, chefs, and culinary professionals after 29 years.

Today’s Eurochocolate

The event has developed over time, attempting to adapt to the changing interests of visitors. Today, the festival is generally held in October and lasts a little more than two weeks.

The International Chocolate Festival has everything, from workshops to tastings to large events, including shows for youngsters and cooking techniques from top chefs.

Every year, this unique festival transforms Perugia’s streets into an enchanted world of seductive flavors and scents, revealing the passion and ingenuity of Italian chocolate artisans. Traditionally, the historic streets of the Umbrian city smelled of enticing chocolate: going along Via Mazzini, Corso Vannucci, Piazza Italia, and Piazza della Repubblica felt like you were inside Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. For the sake of convenience, the event is now frequently hosted in a huge exposition complex near Perugia, at UmbriaFiere (Bastia Umbra, in the province of Perugia).

UmbriaFiere (Bastia Umbra) | Credit

So mark your calendars and get ready to experience next year’s Eurochocolate. Don’t miss it, and prepare to enjoy Italy with every tasty bite!

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