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Rimini: Notte Rosa

Notte Rosa – Pink Night

Rimini is one of the most popular holiday capitals for Italians and numerous Europeans too, and each year it boasts around 20 million tourist presences (i.e. overnight stays)

Rimini is in the region of Emilia Romagna, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, just a two-hour drive from Venice and Florence and three hours from Rome. The Riviera of Rimini boasts around forty kilometers of coastline and is famous throughout Europe for its fine sandy beaches where, each summer, millions of people flock to enjoy the warm sunshine and the sea. However, it is equally famous as being synonymous with fun and the “dolce vita” or “sweet life”.

In fact, the Riviera of Rimini has a huge concentration of discotheques, pubs, disco bars and other nightspots on the beach where you can dance under the stars, as well as theme and amusement parks too. This is precisely why the Riviera of Rimini attracts so many young people and families.

Each year, a great party opens the summer season – it is the Pink Night or Notte Rosa. What is it? That’s easy – just picture a party, from dusk to dawn, on forty kilometers of coastline.


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That’s exactly what the Pink Night is – a unique event for! It is a night of fun and entertainment for all ages, a party that isn’t held in a particular place, but takes place along the entire coast. And we mean the entire coast because all the streets, squares, monuments, beaches, hotels, restaurants, discotheques and amusement parks take part.

What happens? There are concerts with Italian rock and pop stars, theatre shows, in amazing settings such as the Malatesta Castle in Rimini, the home of an ancient family that dominated the city in the Middle Ages, or on the beach and in theatres, parties on the beach, with food, music and dancing, small concerts in the streets and squares, pink decorations on every street, beach, hotel and restaurant, all the main monuments and hotels are illuminated with pink lights, and at midnight, there’s a huge fireworks display in at least ten different places along the forty-mile coastline.


Notte Rosa Concert

But midnight certainly doesn’t mark the end of the celebrations that continue until dawn, when the sun rises over the Adriatic and everything turns naturally pink. And all the bars, restaurants, discotheques and even the museums are open all night.

In many European capitals, for example, Paris and Rome, this type of event is called the White Night. So why is it called the Pink Night on the Riviera? Well, pink is the color of kindness and femininity, the color of a warm welcome and after all, in Italy Rimini is considered the capital of hospitality, the place where people meet and where sentiments blossom.

Basically, the Pink Night has become a party for all Italians, it has become like New Year’s Eve in the middle of summer on the Riviera of Rimini. Last year, the forty kilometers of coastline welcomed at least a million people yet it was a peaceful party, where everyone was able to relax and just be themselves. The Pink Night shows that Rimini really is a place where everyone can have fun.

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