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Premilcuore is a town and comune located in the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy in the province of Forli-Cesena. The town is located close to the cities of Forli and Bologna. Premilcuore can only be called a village since it is quite small with an area of 98.8 sq km and a population of just 889.

The town is known for its ancient fortifications and walls that have been surrounding the settlements for centuries. Premilcuore has successfully retained its medieval form and because of its history and its natural beauty it attracts visitors from Italy. In the recent years it is has also become an important center for agritourism. The economy of the town is based mainly on agriculture and cattle breeding.

Getting to Premilcuore

Premilcuore is located quite close to the cities of Forli and Bologna so it is easy to reach the town. Visitors that are travelling from other countries or from the other regions of Italy can first reach Bologna either by flight or train and then find a connecting transport system to Premilcuore. Plenty of buses and taxis can be found at the train station as well as the airport of Bologna. Visitors can also travel by state buses that depart from the main bus stations in Forli, Bologna and other smaller towns of the province. An easier way is to drive down to the town from any of these locations.

Moving Around the Town

Crystal clear waters near Premilcuore

There aren’t many sight seeing locations within the town. The center of the town is quite compact and can be easily covered on foot within a few hours. There are local buses operating the town but visitors would generally not need to travel by bus since most of the important monuments are located close to the center of the town. Visitors who have their own cars can also explore the surrounding regions and villages by car.

Attractions in Premilcuore

Porta Fiorentina

Premicuore had been surrounded by ancient fortifications and walls for centuries. Porta Fiorentina was built as a part of these ancient walls and is one of the tow ancient gates that had been built to allow entry into the town. Over the years the gate has been renovated and altered several times and the top of the gate has been rebuilt many times. There is a clock which has been embedded in the apse which dates back to 1593.

City Gate

The city gate is the main gateway for entering the old town on the side of Forli. The gate had last been renovated in the 20th century and has been built at the location of where an ancient door had once stood. The gate is of relative importance to Premicuore because of its medieval nature.

Palazzo Briccolani

Winter in Premilcuore

The imposing palace of Palazzo Briccolani is located in Piazza Ricci. The palace had once been home to the most prominent chiefs of Italy. The palace has been renovated a few times in the recent years and has a beautiful architecture. At present, Palazzo Briccolani is being used for commercial activities.

Pieve di San Martino Opium

Pieve di San Martino Opium is an ancient Pieve and one of relative importance in Premilcuore. The building has first been built in the 10th century. The façade that is seen today dates back to the 16th century when it has been reconstructed. The Pieve had also been completely restored in 1933 and has an interesting architecture because of the influences of all the periods when it had been renovated.

Castel dell’Alpe

Castle Dell’Alpe is an ancient castle that stands on a high hill overlooking the town of Premilcuore. The castle was of considerable strategic importance in the past due to its position. A small village that dated back before 1000 AD had developed around the castle. The castle has been almost completely destroyed and the village also does not exist. The only remaining monument is an old church dedicated to Saint Nicholas which was built in 1290. The church had been rebuilt in the 18th century and there are a few small houses close by.

Bridge of Gorgolaio

Premilcuore clock tower

The Bridge of Gorgolaio is located close to the town over the river. The bridge leads to small picnic area which is equipped with grills and tables. This is a favorite picnic spot for the locals and on most weekends a lot of locals can be seen enjoying themselves close to the bridge.

Stay and Accommodation

Premilcuore is quite a small village and there aren’t many hotels or any accommodation options. Most people only visit Premilcuore as a day excursion from the nearby cities of Bologna and Forli and do not spend a night in the town. Since there are many hotel options available in Bologna and Forli most people prefer to stay there. There are only one or two small hotels in Premilcuore which offer rooms to visitors who want to spend the night in Premicuore. The towns of Portico e San Benedetto and Santa Sofia are also located quite close so visitors can also stay there if they prefer. One of the hotels in Premilcuore is hotel Albergo Pavone which offers clean and comfortable rooms at very low prices.

Eating in Premilcuore

There are only a handful of good restaurants and pizzerias in Premilcuore where visitors can dine out. There are also two or three bars and small cafes where tourists would find light sandwiches and appetizers. Some of the most well known restaurants in town are Alberto ristorante Al Vecchio, Ristorante La Rocchetta and osteria La Campanara.

Shopping in Premilcuore

There aren’t many places in the town where visitors can shop. There are only a handful of shops where the locals do their daily shopping and visitors would mainly find food items, pastries, desserts, olive oil and locally made cheese in these shops. There are also a few shops that sell handicraft items and jewelry that is locally made. The best thing to purchase in Premilcuore would be local cheese and pastries.

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