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Many Americans including Italian residents in America do not know which of many food products to purchase . This is because many products offered in the US market today contain strong flavors, such as garlic powder,

not contained in authentic Italian cooking. To give an example at Costco you can purchase excellent Olio Toscano as well as excellent balsamic vinegar

with genuine unaltered flavor, side by side with pre made “pizzas and sauces” and agnolotti or tortellini containing garlic powder and other flavor addictives. The latter products would be immediately removed from the shelf of a supermarket in Italy.

Quite simply the American palate has become accustom to certain flavor typically dried or preserve version of fresh products which are not acceptable to the Italian palate. Another example at Traders Joe you can find Italian chocolate Gelato as well as mozzarella di Bufala that approach if not obtain Italian standards not withstanding the difficulty in transporting this products in a sufficiently fresh state to the United States. However nearby you can find both good Tortellini as well as some highly dubious fresh Tortellini and  “Italian” sausages. One other example is prosciutto where one can find excellent US produced prosciutto next to variation that taste like cooked ham. The last example is Parmigiano cheese: American have long believed that have been sprinkling parmigiano cheese on their pasta but only in the last 20 years real aged parmigiano has become widely available. In the last few years there also have been new introductions of look-alike Parmisan that do not match Italian standards.

Who are our critiques:

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etc…where ordinary consumers rate movies, books, and other products in our database we pretend no more than provide an Italian consumer rating guide to Italian food.  If

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