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Il Parco della Maremma: Maremma Park

The area of Maremma is renowned for the preservation of its territory and nature and the Parco della Maremma is certainly one of the greatest results of this policy. In fact, the park keeps untouched nature alive at its purest state. The Parco della Maremma is one of the greatest wonders of the beautiful Tuscan territory, thanks to the several varieties of flora and fauna that it protects. The park is characterized by the presence of various types of animals and vegetation.


Vegetation at the Maremma Park

The vegetation involves four main types: forestal vegetation, the sandy- coast vegetation, palustrine vegetation and anthropical vegetation.

The forestal vegetation is based mainly on holm oaks, which reach up to twelve meters of height, strawberry trees and other varieties of oak. The park’s sea side is characterized by sandy-coast vegetation that adapts to this type of highly salty habitat. The palustrine vegetation is based on a variety of grass and palustrine low shrubs. The anthropical vegetation, being the result of the action of man, presents agricultural cultivation like olive groves, pine trees and maritime pine trees.


Fauna at the Maremma Park

As far as animals are concerned, the most famous inhabitants of the park are certainly wild boars and the porcupine, which is a mammal typical of the area with a short body and legs and a back covered in upright spikes and black and white stripes. The park is also home to several varieties of birds.


Maremma Park


Other Attractions

The park organizes excursions for all types of visitors including families, adults, children, couples and friends. There is also a wide variety of activities to choose from including horse riding, horse drawn carriages and bike riding. For those big on romance there are night excursions and after-dark bird watching, which gives the opportunities to see the animals in their calm and undisturbed states.

Along with untouched nature, the park also offers historical sites and interesting towns to visit:

The Abbazia di San Rabano and Torre Uccellina. The first is an abbey of the XI century and the second is a tower built in 1321.

-The Torri, towers built as a system of defense against enemies. The most famous of the towers is the Torre di Collelungo, from which there is a breathtaking view of the coast.

-The Grotte or caves are an evocative spot to visit, used in the past as shelter for shepherds and animals. If you visit the caves you’ll also likely be able to see some local turtles.


Maremma Park


How to Get to the Park

Maremma Park is easy for visitors to reach. Coming from Rome take the Aurelia in the direction of Grosseto. Along the road you will find signs directing you to the “Parco della Maremma”.

It is possible to visit the park every day of the year and your ticket — which ranges in price depending on the activities you choose — can be purchased at the Centro Visite of the park.

The Parco della Maremma offers unique excursions and it represents the ideal destination for all those who love enjoying nature and relaxing!


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