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Travel Destinations in Italy

Romantic Florence

Florence, Italy, is one of the most romantic cities on earth. Visitors can walk along the Arno river, or explore exquisite gardens while enjoying the company of that special someone. It is a preferred destination for newlyweds. Take a walk along the Arno river, hand in hand. Find a cozy […]

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Castles in Italy

Castles always keep their charm. Stone giants standing on top of towns they always attract the attention of tourists longing to know much about the story of what once used to be the house of noble people or simply a shield for defense from external attacks and invaders. There is […]

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Italy under water

Italy is a beautiful country and all that’s above her soil is demonstration of it. There’s also plenty of natural beauty under her sea, the Mediterranean having some of the most amazing marine flora and fauna in the world. Have you ever thought, though, about cities under water or entire Roman […]

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The Amalfi Coast

The Costiera Amalfitana, or more simply, in English, the Amalfi coast, is an area of Italy blessed with great natural beauty and diversity. Much of the Amalfi coast’s settements were already very much established in the Middle Ages; the area’s landscape comprises of mountains and sea, both defining an incredibly unique coast lline, characterized by several […]

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Teatro Dell’ Opera

Rome’s Opera House The official Rome opera house was originally known as Teatro Costanzi, from its founder Domenico Costanzi. In 1928, the theatre was bought by Rome’s City Hall and became know as Teatro Reale dell’Opera (Royal Opera House). Today it is known simply as the Teatro dell’Opera. Of course, not […]

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Italian Romantic Getaways

Where does Jennifer Lopez go for an Italian getaway? Why, Capri, of course!   Romantic Italy…An exploration by Erica Miner “Open my heart, and you will see Graved inside of it, Italy.” – Lord Byron How many times have you heard the phrase, “It’s Better in the Bahamas?” Or “Virginia […]

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Ghost towns in the South of Italy

They are called Città Fantasma. Suspended between the existing and the non-existing, these towns embody the liminality between life and and death itself. They are abandoned now, but they used to be full of people and lively. Many reasons have forced their inhabitants to flee: natural disasters, people’s changing needs, or […]

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