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news: Inoltra i tuoi articoli, comunicati stampa, notizie utili :

Notizie interessanti, eventi, articoli saranno pubblicati sul sito gratuitamente.
Notizie in vari campi Eventi / turismo/ Teatro / gossip / moda stile di vita saranno particolarmente gradite particolarmente se accompagnate da immagini.
Le notizie devono essere notizie che gli editori di Life in Italy reputeranno utili ai lettori
( notizie considerate principalmente pubblicita’ non verranno considerate )

Scrivete a [email protected]

Submit your news, articles, press releases, useful information:

Life in Italy welcomes all news, articles, and information related to events in fashion, fine arts, performance, food and wine, tourism, and other cultural activities in Italy. All submissions should ideally be accompanied by relevant images.
The submissions would be published on the site if judged by Life in Italy editors to be interesting for our readers. Please note that news / articles containing containing mostly advertising will not be considered.

Send an email to [email protected]

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