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During a date it is sometimes difficult to start a conversation, as it may require more confidence than usual: if you are out on the town together, it means you probably like each other already, but a good chat may help to get to know each other better.


Generally speaking, being at the center of a conversation may be rather uncomfortable: this happens to people who are from the same country, let alone those who are from different ones and do not even speak the same language! It is very important so, if you’d like to play the field while holidaying in Italy, to get to know some common expressions or subjects to start a good chat without effort. Remember that the topic of a conversation can change depending on where such conversation happens: at home, in a restaurant or in a bar, but also on a plane or a train. Your job, culinary preferences, hobbies, family and travels, are usually safe topics to begin a chat with a new acquaintance, whereas sensitive issues such as religion, politics or current affairs may be a no-no.


The most important thing is to trigger your partner’s interest, so that the conversation will develop naturally and cruise smoothly from one subject to the other. By doing so, you’ll also learn a huge amount of new words and improve your language skills without even opening a book!


To begin with, think about how you might introduce yourself to a new Italian friend or to an Italian you meet while on holiday. How would you tell him/her about your family, your job, your favourite song or singer? You can try to talk to yourself before going out about anything it comes into your head, just as a way of practicing your conversing skills. Speaking in front of the mirror is a good exercise, too: the more practice you get , the easier it will become.


Ice- breakers


Da quanto tempo studi l’italiano? = How long have you been studying Italian?

Da quando studi l’italiano? = When did you begin studying Italian?

Studio l’italiano dall’anno scorso = I have been studying Italian since last year.

Perchè studi l’italiano? = Why are you studying Italian?

Studio italiano da un anno = I have been learning Italian for one year.

Ti piace questa lingua? = Do you like it?

Dove abiti? = Where do you live?

Vivo a Firenze da tre mesi/ da Pasqua = I have been living in Florence for three months/ since Easter.

Hai viaggiato parecchio in Italia? = Have you travelled around Italy a lot?



Sei mai stato al ristorante “ Da Toni”a Trastevere? = Have you ever been to the restaurant “ Da Toni” in Trastevere?

E’ il mio preferito = It’s my favourite

Fanno il miglior “abbacchio” (lamb) = They make the best “abbacchio”

Qual’è il tuo cibo preferito? =What’s your favourite food?

Ti piace cucinare? = Do you like cooking?



Fai qualche sport? = Do you play any sport?

Quali sport ti piace fare? = What sports do you like to play?

Quali sono i tuoi sport preferiti da guardare in TV? = What sport do you like to watch on tv?

Quali sono gli sport più popolari nel tuo paese? = What are the most popular sports in your country?

Quali sono i tuoi passatempi? = What are your hobbies?

Sei membro di qualche club? / fai parte di…..= Are you a member of any clubs?


Qual’è il tuo lavoro?/Che lavoro fai? = What’s your job/What do you do?

Ti piace il tuo lavoro? = Do you enjoy/like your job?

Vai d’accordo con i tuoi colleghi? = Do you get on with your colleagues?

Quanto guadagni? = How much money do you make? ( although this is not a good question to ask !!!)

E’ interessante il tuo lavoro? = Do you find your job interesting?

Hai progetti differenti per il tuo futuro? = Do you have different plans for the future?

Parla dei progetti riguardo la tua carriera = Talk about career plans


Later on…


Vorrei conoscerti meglio = I would like to know you better/more

Ti sei mai innamorato/a prima vista? = Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

Vorrei uscire con te = I’d like to see you sometimes.

Hai un ragazzo/a ? Si, esco con ….= Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend? Yes, I’, dating …

Ti amo = I love you

Siccome mi diletto a cucinare deliziose ricette, vorrei preparati uno dei miei piatti preferiti. = Since I enjoy preparing delicious recipes, can I invite you to have dinner at mine?

Ti piacerebbe venire a cena con me la prossima settimana? = Would you like to go out to dinner with me next week?

Mi piaci molto = I like you very much

Mi sto innamorando di te = I believe I’m falling in love with you

Mi manchi = I miss you



Hai fratelli e sorelle? = Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Come è stata la tua infanzia? = How was your childhood?

Hai molti amici? = Do you have many friends?

Parlami del tuo /a miglior amico/a = Tell me about your best friend

Parlami della tua famiglia = Tell me about your family



Keep in mind that talking about sex and issues about ex’s are a no-no ( especially on a first date!)

Finally, the first date should be nice and exciting: enjoy yourself!


By Elisa Bressan


Dating conversation in Italian. Ph. Martin Rowe on flickr (


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