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World War II bomb defused in Viterbo

The mission of the army pioneers to defuse a World War II bomb concluded successfully. This took place in the heart of Viterbo, Lazio, and necessitated the evacuation of 36,000 residents.

Lady Rose bomb, in honor of S. Rosa

With over 2000 kg of terror, 1300 kg of explosives, and a length of over 2 meters. The hypothetical explosion of the device, nicknamed Lady Rose in honor of Santa Rosa, the city’s patron saint, would have devastated Viterbo and its historic walls with a radius of over a thousand meters.

The Army Captain, Luigi Prencipe, stated, “In the past, a similar device was found in Viterbo. If two haven’t exploded, it means Santa Rosa has protected the city. If it had exploded, we wouldn’t know Viterbo as we do today, hence why we named it Lady Rose.”

This is not the first discovery of wartime remnants in Italy. In 2023 alone, over 12,000 wartime remnants were neutralized, including 21 from the two World Wars.

WWII bomb
Lady Rose Bomb

Mission details

The evacuation of 36,000 residents from the most at-risk areas began at dawn. According to estimates by the 6th regiment’s explosive experts, an area with a radius of 1,400 meters from the bomb needed to be evacuated.

There was great concern as all three fuses of the bomb remained unexploded, significantly increasing fears for the safety of citizens and bomb disposal experts. Once neutralized, it was transferred to the disarmament center in Rome.

Disarming a bomb is a daunting challenge. In this case, the technique of leaching was employed: exposing it to jets of hot water to dissolve the explosives.

The success in disarming the Lady Rose bomb in Viterbo has demonstrated the extraordinary determination and skill of military bomb disposal experts, emphasizing the importance of public safety and community protection.

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