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August 2023: How is the situation with the speed camera war?

Italy has a heated debate about fines for speeding violations. Many speed camera vandalism instances have been recorded recently, and the problem does not appear to be improving.

With 11,060 stations, Italy is the European nation with the most fixed speed detection stations. It’s not easy for those of us who have to deal with it every day, but it seems that some people have decided to take matters into their own hands.

The Padova speed camera explosion

A powerful and clear signal arrived from Cadoneghe in the Padua province on the evening of August 9. According to local officials, who are still working to resolve the situation, the speed camera exploded at 22 and went undetected. Based on the reconstructions, the speed camera was blown up by vandals using a powder combination. Basically, after noticing a large fireball climbing into the sky, the firefighters raised the alarm.

speed camera vandalism
“A huge bang, it jumped dough from the plate” said one witness | Credit

The target was not by chance, given that the speed sensor had caught as many as 24.000 euros in speeding violations in the previous month. The excessive gesture has divided motorists; a protest march in front of the city is also planned for August 17. Social media has gone mad, and the Facebook group “Autovelox Cadoneghe” is swiftly gaining popularity, getting more and more support from vandals.

In Vigonovo, speed camera was tossed into the water

The scenario is not much different further East. In fact, on July 17, 2023, a speed camera located in Via Cadicetto was hurled into the waters of the Cornio canal. The mayor was not pleased and condemned the destruction. According to Mayor Luca Martello, speed cameras have proven to be great speed bollards and are vital for enhancing road safety and liveability.

speed camera vandalism - Vigonovo
Orange speed camera into the Cornio Canal | Credit

Vandalism does not end here

The list of speed camera attacks is extensive. Only in 2023 did local officials discover dozens of acts of vandalism. Infractions are reported from around the country, from the North to the South.
Similarly, numerous boxes of orange speed cameras were smashed at fixed sites in Umbria, at Città di Castello. However, an interview with the mayor reveals how these speed cameras were actually mandated by citizens in order to improve road safety. It appears that not everyone agreed.

speed camera vandalism - Città di Castello
Città di Castello – Umbria | Credit

The stories to be told can sometimes outstrip all forms of creativity. A rifle shot with a boar cartridge, for example, destroyed a fixed speed camera in North Cassia. The list is extensive; identical incidents have been recorded in Sardinia, Modena, and Turin.

A ray of hope for motorists

The earnings from speeding penalties are mostly used to cover daily expenses in small towns. Potholes are becoming more common on the streets, and the subsidies can help alleviate this problem.

However, the situation should improve at least partially, according to the new road code draft. A small gleam of light for drivers. On paper, speed cameras should not be utilized more to boost municipal crates by installing them in advantageous locations with ludicrous speed limits. As a result, the situation should improve; we’ll see if the new highway legislation is more accommodating in the future.

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