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Roberto Mancini resigned: a look back at his triumphs and failings

For the Italian audience and others, it was a bolt from the blue. For a period, the climate within the FIGC (Italian Soccer Federation) was tense, although not so much. On August 13, Roberto Mancini abruptly quit as coach of the Italian national soccer team.

Roberto Mancini’s path: a lovely soccer tale

Mancini’s time with the national team has been filled with ups and downs. He was regarded as one of the best inside forwards in Italian soccer, reaching the pinnacle of triumph by finishing third in the 1990 World Cup. In 2018, he was named Italy’s coach, and he led the team to victory in the 2020 European Championships.

A love-hate relationship that leaves behind a lot of bitterness and possibly too much hatred. Several blunders occurred during his coaching career, as well as some unavoidable poor luck and several wholly unexpected achievements. Despite recent speculations, there did not appear to be anything that might foreshadow such a sharp break.

Roberto Mancini
Roberto Mancini is the third longest-serving coach in Italian history | Credit

There is something going on. The events are not ordered, and the reconstruction is fragmented. The coach rationalized his decision by stating that he did not believe the new initiative would be suited for him. The technical team’s revolution did not impress him, but it appears that this is simply the tip of an iceberg that has been sinking for about a year.

His decision is understandable. Overall, with fan and federation backing dwindling, Mancini should have done wonders to recover the initial faith.
The time, on the other hand, causes water to appear everywhere. You could expect his resignation following the huge and heartbreaking defeat against Macedonia in the Qatar 2022 playoffs. It’s a difficult pill to swallow that Italy has failed to qualify for the World Cup in two consecutive years.

However, the narrative thickens as Mancini leaves a vacancy less than a month before the double appointment for European Championship qualification in 2024.

The most notable blunders

The catastrophe following March 24, 2022

After losing 1-0 to Macedonia on March 24, 2022, Roberto Mancini struggled to get back on track. He veered off course. He was unfaithful to his decisions, and on the field, he regarded himself as continually torn between offering space to future generations and expressing respect to those who won the European Championship.

24 March 2022 – Macedonia – Italy 
Team led by Roberto Mancini
Sorrow following Macedonia’s defeat | Credit

Completely out of time

As expected, the timing is leaking from all angles, making it impossible to approve his unexpected choice. The FIGC was forced to choose a coach with a more than trustworthy track record against the clock.

Too much mental goodness

According to statistics, Mancini made 57 national team debuts in his five years of service. Unprecedented numbers necessitate cautious examination. On the one hand, the coach has placed a great deal of trust, perhaps too much, in young individuals to provide them with adequate room on an international stage. All of these calls, on the other hand, had a significant impact on the team. As a result, Mancini leaves a squad with few points and few experienced players, which is not a favorable legacy for his successor.

The achievements as manager of the Italian National Soccer Team

The initial years of team leadership

Roberto Mancini is the third longest-serving coach in Italian history, having coached the Italian national team for 61 games (39 won, 13 draws, and 9 defeats).

He made his debut in 2020 European Championship qualifying, defeating Finland. A long string of victories will set a new record for the coach. Italy has for the first time under his guidance torn the mathematical qualifying to a European championship with three days to spare. With 40 straight earnings, he also set a record for unbroken qualifying for the European Championships.

The European Championship win (11/07/2021)

Euro 2020 has been postponed for a year due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this uncertain context, the coach agreed to a five-year extension with the national team until 2026, the year of the FIFA World Cup’s 23rd edition.

After 53 years (1968), the Azzurri become European champions, defeating England in the final.

The European Championship – Highlights

The start of the slide

The trail of triumphs spreads swiftly. Mancini would not be able to maintain up with the national team’s standards after July 11, except for third place in the 202-2021 UEFA Nations League, which he won 2-1 against Belgium. A little bitter in the mouth, as he becomes the coach who has achieved the aim of 30 victories with the major national team in all competitions, despite only winning 44 games.

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