Protest of the workers in the entertainment industry

News from Rome, Italy.

One year ago, a local and national law forced cinemas and theaters to close. One year later, the entertainment industry is struggling. With no openings in sight, people for the show business took it to the streets.

In the past weeks, protests have taken over Italy, from Genoa to Rome. From north to south. In Rome, entertainment workers paraded in front of the Argentina Theater.

They danced, sang, and performed. But the mood of the workers isn’t so joyous.

“During slow times I was eating once a day to save money but now I’ve been eating once a day for three months in a row”, says a street clown.

“I opened a dance school and after three months it was closed to me. I didn’t have any refreshments because my business opened in 2020 and now I’m unemployed”, says a dancer.

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