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Ordering Pizza

I think pizza is the most popular dish around the world.

Most people think pizza has Italian origins and this is mostly true, but the dish may have some very ancient roots, indeed. The Persians were probably the first to put vegetables on large slices of bread and it appears they introduced the ancient Greeks to the practice. This dish became then popular all over the Mediterranean, but it was only during the nineteenth century that a baker from Naples, Raffaele Esposito, finally baked what we call pizza today, with tomato sauce. In 1889, on the occasion of the visit of the Royal Italian couple, he made a pizza called Margherita in honour of the queen.

After the Second World War, when Americans returned from Europe, they exported this amazing dish and contributed to its diffusion around the United States, where today is among the best loved dishes. Click on this link for more information about the history of pizza.


Pizzerias are in every part of the world, but of course the very best pizza always comes out of your very own kitchen, especially if you are among the lucky ones who own a stone oven!

The following conversation will explain how to order pizza in a pizzeria.





Cameriere: waiter

Cliente: client



W: Buonasera e benvenuto alla nostra pizzeria = Good evening and welcome to our pizzeria.


C: Buonasera, grazie = Good evening, thank you.


C: Vorrei ordinare due pizze, per favore = I’d like to order two  pizzas, please.


C: Può darmi qualche consiglio/ cosa mi consiglia? = Can you give me some advice?


W: Dia un’occhiata alla lista = Take a look at the menu.


C: Vorrei una pizza alle verdure e per mio figlio una con il prosciutto cotto e la mozzarella di bufala = I would like a vegetables pizza and one with ham and buffalo mozzarella for my son.


W: Che misura? = What size, please?


W: Volete una pizza piccola, media o grande? = Do you want a small, medium or large pizza?


C: Vorremmo due medie = We would like two mediums.


C: Quanto dobbiamo aspettare? = How long must we wait?


W: Bene. C’è da aspettare una ventina di minuti, perché stasera abbiamo un compleanno quindi… = Good. You may have to wait about  20 minutes, we are hosting a birthday party tonight…


C: Si, vedo che siete molto impegnati stasera = I see, you are very busy this evening!


C: (La mamma verso il figlio), Puoi aspettare un pò? = (mom to her son), Can you hang on a bit?


Son: Ma… io sto morendo di fame… = but…  I’m starving….


Avete qualche pizza particolare da mangiare subito? = Do you have any special  available straight away?


W: sicuro= sure.

La nostra pizza speciale è fatta con pomodoro e basilico freschi e acciughe ed olive nere = Our special pizza tonight is made with fresh tomatoes and basil and topped with anchovies and black olives.


C: Ottimo, è possibile averne una piccola, mentre aspettiamo? = Great! Could we have a small one, while we are waiting?


W: Cuciniamo anche delle ottime focacce con rosmarino e cipolla o scarola = We also have some delicious focaccias with rosemary, onion or endive.


C: Vorrei un trancio da portare a casa = I would like a slice to bring home.


W: Ok , torno subito = I’ll be right back


C: Molte grazie = thanks a lot


W: Anything else? = qualcos’altro?


C: Una coca-cola, una birra piccola e un tiramisù = a coke, a beer and a tiramisù please!


C: Il conto, per favore = the bill, please


W : Arrivederci e grazie per essere venuti da noi = Good bye and thanks for coming!


C: Ci rivediamo presto = See you soon again.




pizza = pizza

impasto = dough

farina = flour

crosta = crust

morbida = soft

guarnizione = topping

melanzana = eggplant

carciofo = artichoke

ananas = pineapple

zucchine = zucchini

cipolla = onion

lievito = yeast

lievito in polvere = baking powder

salsa di pomodoro = tomato sauce

formaggio Asiago = Asiago chees

mozzarella = mozzarella (cheese)


Sei una pizza = “you’re boring” or “you’re a pain in the neck”!


By Elisa Bressan



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