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The Days of Abandonment

Natalie Portman to star in an adaptation of Ferrante’s bestseller

The actress will both produce and star in The Days of Abandonment.

It’s a breaking news, so not many details are available. However, one thing is sure: Natalie Portman will start in The Days of Abandonment.

What we know so far about The Days of Abandonment

This is a movie adaptation of the one of the famous books by Elena Ferrante. The Italian writer authored the three-volume saga, creating the Neapolitan novel. Indeed, it’s the My Brilliant Friend story. Portman will play the role of Tess, a woman who gave up her dreams for a stable, quiet, and married life. Until her husband cheats. Then, her world comes crashing down.

The famous actress is also a producer, since the director is Maggie Betts. The team is still in the pre-production stages, so it’s surrounded by an aura of mystery.

But the plot of the books is famous. And so are the stories, since they’ve also become a TV show. Curious now? Find out more about My Brilliant Friend here!

Portman’s love for Italy

Perhaps she decided to take on this adventure to honor her love for Italy. In fact, Portman recently stayed in Val D’Orcia, a destination in Tuscany. And she loved it. So much so that she wrote a love letter to it:

We felt like we were transported to another era, where families still lived in the space of the same four blocks, the kids could play freely in the streets, and the grandmother was the most loved person in the family, together with the children. Those evenings seemed to last an eternity, and I felt like we were in 1952. And that month seemed like a whole life. And I never wanted to go back home.

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2 years ago

I think they made a good choice with Portman, she is usually a good actress

2 years ago

The book is amazing, I think Portman can do a good job