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Garden Design for the Vatican : Vignola

Vignola: Italian Garden designer for the Vatican

Italian Garden designer for the Vatican

Bagnaia: Villa Lante

By Jonathan Radford

Villa Lante Pope Julius III Above and left : water feature at Villa Lante – Right Pope Julius III >

Italy is renowned for it’s fashion, it’s cuisine and it’s stunning Renaissance period. However, how many of the artists that contributed to and created the breathtaking art of that period have been overlooked or unrecognised? Although the Italian garden design movement made up a large part of this stunning and mystical period, the real stars of this movement are hardly ever mentioned. Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Da San Gallo have been famed for their Opera d’Arte and their influence on Italian architecture, however, heroes of Italian landscape architecture like Giacomo (or Jacomo) Barozzi da Vignola, , known simply as ‘Vignola’ are so often overlooked. Better known for masterpieces like

< Left Villa Giulia in Rome Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola was born in Vignola, near Modena in 1507. His career began by studying standard architecture in Bologna and he was introduced to architectural circles while working for craftsmen to support his studies. He was soon assigned to do designs for Francois I in Fontainbleau. After meeting several important figures in architectural circles, such as Sebastiano Serlio, he began work on Palazzo Bochi in Bologna. He later moved to Rome, where he worked for Pope Julius III Above: The Nymphaeum at Villa Giulia, Rome Above: A Renaissance facade, typical of Vignola Shortly afterwards he was commisioned to work for the Papal family Farnese where he soon met and worked with Michelangelo who had a great influence on his style. He even completed two domes on St Peter’s Basilica, according to Michelangelo’s original plans. Villa LanteHis most stunning personal works include the gardens of Pope Julius III at Villa Giulia in Rome and the magnificent gardens and spectacular water feature at Villa Lante

Villa Lante and fountain

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