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Comedian Checco Zalone with Helen Mirren

Checco Zalone is an Italian comedian. He just made a video of a song dedicated to a "Vacinada", that is a vaccinated woman he falls in love with by accidentally asking for information on a country road in Salento. And the “Vacinada” happens to be the oscar winning English actress Helen Mirren, who has lent herself to dance in the orchards, to play bowls, and to flirt with what Zalone guarantees will be the second “Oscar” of her life. The answer to the question "what the hell is Helen Mirren doing in a video by Checco Zalone" is that the actress has had a farm in the province of Lecce for some time. The video is to promote the vaccine and in the video Zalone falls in love with the older lady because she is vaccinated.   The video is in Ital-Spanish ( why I do not know ) so that most Italians will be able to understand it. Words are pretty funny actually. Zalone stack wisely to comedy :-)

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