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Aphrodisiac Herbs Part III

Sensual Love, Exciting venereal desire, provocative…

Substances used to increase sexual desire…Drugs or food that arouses sexual pleasure


Origin: China

Aphrodisiac Benefits: Relaxation, sexual stimulant

-Known as the ‘long life’ elixir

-Research indicates that this herb contains an alkaloid that has a rejuvenating effect on the nerves, brain cells and endocrine glands.

Ginseng for Men & Women

Plant Name: Panax ginseng

Aphrodisiac Benefits: increases sex-related hormones like testosterone, enhances sexual responses

Properties: tonic, stimulant and aphrodisiac

– The most commonly used type is Chinese Ginseng renowned for increasing sexual vitality.


Plant Name: Ferula asa foetida

Location: Central Asia

Properties: mild stimulant,spice,

Uses: incense, resin ingested

-Considered the best aphrodisiac in Tibetin Medicine


Plant Name:(Cananga odorata)

Place of Origin: Southwest Asia

Uses: oil inhaled, can be used internally or externally.

Aphrodisiac Benefits: impotency, frigidity, increases eroticism

Recipe Mixed with coconut oil, creates highly erotic body lotion.

Vervain for Men

Plant Name: Verbena officilalis

Location:Central Europe

Properties: invigorator, magical agent,

Used Aa: herbage brewed to make a tea.

Aphrodisiac benefits: maintain beautiful erections


Plant Name: Mandragora officinarum, Solanaceae

Location: Europe, North Africa, Asia, Himalayas

Aphrodisiac Benefits: strongly disinhibiting, stimulates the libido

Properties: magical root, poisonous, narcotic

Used as: Fresh roots eaten, leaves smoked, roots ingested in wine.

Associated with: black magic, witchcraft, pagan rituals and is attributed with some evil.

Contains: highly active tropane alkaloids which in proper dosage evoke intensely erotic effects. Caution: Overdoses lead to death via respiratory paralysis.

Licorice For Women

Plant Name: Glycyrrhiza glabra

Location: Europe, Asia –

Used as: tonic, ingested in tea or in powder, use woody root.

Contains sweetener glycyrrhinine, hormones, essential oil, tanins and flavones.

Tribulus Terrestri For Men

Aphrodisiac Benefits: increased sperm production, sexual endurance and testosterone levels.

Used in: Asia, East Europe, Bulgaria


Plant Name: Salvia sclarea

Place of Origin: Mediterranean

Aphrodisiac Benefits: erotic stimulant,

Used As: essential oil ingested or inhaled, plant added to wine used in aromatherapy as aphrodisiac, dried plant smoked.

Muira Puama

Plant Name: Liriosma ovata

Place of Origin: South America

Use as: Tonic—extract of bark and wood ingested or fresh parts of the plant chewed

Aphrodisiac Benefits: infertility, increases pleasure

Directions: Boil the dry wood and bark for 40 min, however, alcohol extract is the most effective.

Contains: esters, resins, sitosterol

Coral tree

Plant name: Erythrina americana

Description: eryqro”red” for the red flowers

Location: Tropics

Properties: strong inebriant, magical agent plant of prophecy

Cautions: poison

Use as: seeds ingested

Aphrodisiac benefits: After eating few of the seeds women become completely available

Contains: beans contain cytisine

Angel’s Trumpet

Plant name: Brugmansia aurea, Solanaceae

Place of Origin: South America

Aphrodisiac Benefits:

Effects: Hallucinogenic

Uses: magical agent

Use: tea made from: leaves Flowers: smoked

Contains highly active tropane alkaloids

Muira Puama – “Potency Wood” Rainforest

Aphrodisiac Benefits: Libido Enhancer sexual, virility re-activator, genital weakness

Clavo Huasca -White Clove

Use as: mashed vine bark

Contains: phytonutients (Tinantina)

Aphrodisiac Benefits:

This woody vine is an aphrodisiac for both men and women -no arguments would be made by those whom have tried it!

Common Names: Clavo huasca, Clove Vine, Clavo huasca, Cipó Cravo, Cipó Trindade

Parts Used: Vine wood and bark

Properties: Analgesic, Aphrodisiac, Stimulant, Stomachic, Digestive

Aphrodisiac Benefits: Helps sexual impotency, frigidity

Prep: macerate the vine bark and wood in alcohol

– It is an ingredient in two famous formulas for impotency and frigidity which are widely sold in the herbal markets in Peru: Seven Roots, Bust your Britches

Catuaba Bark

Use: Decoction of Bark –sexual impotency, sexual weakness, brain & nerve stimulant


Plant Name: Euphorbiaceae

Place of Origin- Africa

Aphrodisiac Benefits: strongly increases eroticism


Use as: decoction ( a slow brew of 15-20 minutes) made from bark: add root cortex to palm wine.

Contains: alkaloid yohimbine

One of the Strongest African Aphrodisiacs


Plant Name: Tabernanthe iboga

Place of Origin: West Africa

Effects: Psychedelic

Uses: Magical agent

Use as: Roots chewed– root cortex swallowed

(Better if combined with yohimbe bark)

Contains: indole alkaloids, ibogaine.


Plant name:(Calonyction muricatum)

Place of Origin: India

Use as: Tonic, brew


Contains:All parts contain 3.7% Benehic Acid

-Vine, is also called ‘Shiva Tendril’, considered a yoga plant

Dita Tree …..A Tree Whose Bark is Medicinal

(Apocynaceae) India, Sri Lanka

Increases desire

Use: seeds used as aphrodisiac

Seeds : better erection, delaying orgasm.

Contains: alkaloid porfirogenitine that has a strong stimulating effect on genitals.


(Kaempheria Galanga) Southern China, Thailand, India –

Lust stimulator

aphrodisiac herbs

Formulas and Recipes

When herbs are used in combination, they are as potent and effective as any man-make concoction. They need to be given time to work, 2-6 days or so. Although some take effect in a matter of hours.

You will be amazed at nature, and may never go back to synthetics again!

After some extensive research and experiments– the herbs that seem to produce the best results are: Kava Kava root and Damiana leaves.

Damiana seems to have a positive toning effect on both the nervous system and sexual organs, especially when combined in equal parts with Saw Palmetto berries.

Damiana (Turnera diffusa)

Damiana Liquor’:

1 oz Damiana leaves

2 Tbsp Saw Palmetto berries

2 Tbsp Angelica Root

1/2 Tbsp Vanilla pods

1 cup Honey

750 ml Whiskey

1. Soak all ingredients for one week, then strain through coffee filter and save.

2. Resoak herbs in distilled water for another week, then strain

Heat second mixture to 80°c and then add honey to the hot liquid

After honey is dissolved, take off heat and let cool

Now add this to the first whiskey liquid

Age the final liquid for at least a month

–Take once oz. of this liquor 1x a day for 2 weeks…… except gradual results, as well as unpredictable ones—it depends on the person–the results may be too potent or too weak.

Arabian Coffee –Coffea Arabica– East Africa, Arabia

Aphrodisiac Recipe:

Arabia Coffee



Recipe Using Cocoa

Ground roasted beans and dissolved in water, along with vanilla, cayenne pepper, matico pepper (A Peruvian plant allied to pepper, the leaves are used as an astringent.), pimento, cinnamon, squash seeds. A cup of gold can be salty or sweetened with honey.

Angels Trumpet

Decoction made from leaves and seeds

add water or maize beer

Is a potent aphrodisiac!

Potent Herbal Aphrodisiac Extracts:





Horny Goat Weed


Muira Puama

Passion flower

Rhodiola Tongkat Ali




Benehic acid—has central stimulating, psychoactive and aphrodisiac qualities.

Alkaloids Naturally occurring product ina plant, that has a pharmacological effect on humans, some are toxic. Some are used in medicine as pain relievers like that in morphine, and codeine

Ibogaine– an alkaloid, a long acting hallucinogen occurring naturally in a number of dog bane plants. Most of all is present in Tabernanthe Iboga

Alkaloid Chlorogenine- Strong stimulating effect on genitals

Decoction– a tea made by immersing plants in water and slowly boiling 15-20 minutes

Cytisine– a psychedelically active toxic chemical

Tropane Alkaloids– In proper dosage evokes intense erotic effects.

Scopolamine– is a tropane alkaloid drug, obtained from the plants of the nightshade family

*The contents on this page are informational only! Experiment at your own risk!

We take no responsibility– the author nor web-host for misuse .

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