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Squillace is a comune and town located in the Calabria, Italy region, in the province of Catanzaro. The town is located in the southern part of Italy facing the Gulf of Squillace, near Soverato. It is spread over an area of 33 sq km and has a population of close to 3300. The name of the town Squillace is based on the old city of Scylletium and its ruins are still located in the nearby town of Borgia.

squillace panorama, calabria
Panorama from Squillace. In the horizon, the sea with Squillace Lido

Squillace has been well known for its terracotta pottery for centuries. Its terra cotta is highly sought after all over Italy and even in other countries. Squillace is also well known for Pignata, which is a ceramic artistic style. So let’s explore Squillace, Calabria, and all the things to do in this small southern town in Italy.

Attractions in Squillace, Calabria, Italy

The Duomo of Squillace

The Duomo of Squillace was built in the 18th century on top of a medieval Norman Cathedral. The architecture of the cathedral is beautiful and the interior of the church is known for its beautiful artworks. There are several beautiful paintings and frescoes inside the cathedral and the altar is quite exquisite.

cathedral in squillace, calabria
Cathedral in Squillace. Ph. wikicommons/Marcuscalabresus

Immacolata Church

The Immacolata church or the San Nicola delle Donne church is located close to the Duomo of Squillace. The church is not very large but is worth visiting because of its beautiful interiors which have been richly decorated.

Palazzo Pepe

In the suburbs of Squillace, Calabria there are many beautiful buildings and stone portals of noble buildings which are worth admiring. Visitors will come across beautiful ancient buildings while roaming around the back alleys and streets of Squillace. One such building is the Palazzo Pepe which is located in Piazza del Municipio. The palace has beautiful architecture; however, the most noteworthy aspect of the building is a stone tablet which has been made in memory of a Roman aqueduct and dates back to 143 AD.

Chiesetta of Santa Maria Della Pietà

Chiesetta of Santa Maria Della Pietà is located on Via Antico Senta and is considered to be one of the most important religious places in Squillace.

Casa Teti is located close to the center of the city and is known for its beautiful architecture. The most noteworthy feature in Casa Teti is its double lancet window which dates back to the 14th century.

The Castle of Squillace, in Calabria, Italy

The castle of Squillace is one of the most visited attractions in the town. The castle was first built during the Byzantine era in the region and was later taken over by the Saracens. Over the centuries it was reconstructed by the Normans and several changes have been made to it. From the castle, visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the coast as well as of Catanzaro.

castle in squillace, calabria
The Castle in Squillace. Ph. flickr/Massimo Bottelli

San Matteo Church

The San Matteo Church is located close to Palazzo Pepe. The church has beautiful architecture, the façade is in beautiful Romanesque style and the interiors have been very elaborately decorated. Inside the church are various art pieces that have been collected over the centuries and several beautiful ornamental decorations.

Getting to Squillace, in Calabria, Italy

Squillace is located quite close to the city of Catanzaro so it is quite easy to reach the town by train from cities in the region as well from other destinations in Italy. From Catanzaro, visitors can reach Squillace by bus or by car. The state buses that operate in the region connect the town to Catanzaro and several other smaller towns in the region. Buses depart every few hours from these locations and tickets can be bought at the main bus stations. Those who have their own cars can also drive down to the town quite easily.

Moving Around the Town

Squillace is a very small town with an area of just 33 sq km so the best way to move around is on foot. The main center of the town is very compact and most sightseeing attractions are located in close proximity to the center of the town. Except for a few churches and a handful of other sightseeing attractions, there aren’t many places to visit so they can all be covered within a day. Visitors who have their own car can also drive around to explore the nearby villages and the outskirts of Squillace.

Stay and Accommodation in Squillace

Squillace is quite a small town and not many tourists visit Squillace, it is only in recent years that tourism has picked up in the area. Because of this, there are only a few good hotels and bed & breakfasts in town. On the outskirts of the town, various agritourism homes and villas are available on rent for those who plan to stay longer in town. Some of the best places to stay in Squillace are Sunbeach Resort Calabria, Villaggio Club Porto Rhoca and Tenuta Agrituristica Castellesi. Visitors can easily find good rooms at low prices in the hotels of the town at most times of the year. However, those who are planning to visit during the peak tourist seasons might want to get the rooms booked in advance.

Eating out in the town

There are several different restaurants, trattorias, and pizzerias in Squillace. There are plenty of good places to eat in Squillace, mainly where the locals like to eat themselves. The cuisine available in most restaurants in Squillace is traditional Italian, with regional dishes. Because it is located on the coast, fresh seafood is available in almost every restaurant and is used widely in all the dishes. Visitors can also find a few good cafés and bars in Squillace where good wine and light pasta dishes and sandwiches are available.

Shopping in Squillace, Calabria

pottery in squillace, calabria
Pottery from Squillace. Ph. flickr/Francesco De Francesco

Visitors can attend some of the weekly markets in Squillace to find some good local produce, fresh vegetables, seafood, fruits, and various other items for daily use. Squillace is mainly known for its beautiful terra cotta pieces which are available in quite a lot of shops in town. Visitors can also purchase them directly from the artisans’ workshops where they would find authentic pieces. As we’ve mentioned, Squillace, Calabria in Italy is famous for its ceramics, so you won’t want to leave without purchasing one!

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