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Disney goes to Cinque Terre for its new movie “Luca”

For the first time, Italy is the setting of a Pixar motion picture. It’s the movie “Luca.” Pixar set the release date for mid June.

What we learned from Pixar’s trailer

The Cinque Terre are the setting of the Pixar motion picture “Luca.” Indeed, it’s the beautiful riviera of Liguria. Colorful villages and warm beaches fill this part of Italy.

The plot of Pixar’s “Luca”

The protagonists are two young boys, namely Luca and Alberto. During their summer vacation, they will discover something mysterious and special. What is this mystery? Turns out, Luca is a marine creature. Furthermore, his goal is to defend both himself and his friend Alberto.

The Italian director of the Pixar movie

Enrico Casarosa directed the first Pixar movie set in the country. He’s from Genoa, still in the region of Liguria.

”This is a very personal story,” Casarosa said to Wired, “not just because it is set in the Italian riviera where I was born.” In fact, it’s personal because this movie celebrates friendship.

”Childhood friendships establish our the route, who we want to become,” the director said. Indeed, these links and connections are the heart of “Luca”.

Discover: The Cinque Terre

Here’s an overview of this Italian paradise.

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