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Image Usage Rules

On Life in Italy and Italy best webpages we can ONLY use ROYALTY FREE IMAGES

How to find them?


Or using a more direct search in the public domain:
commons.wikimedia.org you need to put the add the photographer’s name as well)

https://www.flickr.com/commons (check the licence)

Or you can search on Google but make sure the lince allows reuse of images!

If none of the above work, there are premium stock photo websites and Canva as well. The pictures on Canva are usually really beautiful and they do not need mention of the photographer.

When you add photos into posts

  1. Each picture must be at least 800px and ideally landscape pictures to be used!

2. When you upload photos in the Media Library add: title, alt text

3. Alt texts should be added to just 2-3 pictures in an article and you should use the SEO focus keyphrase for this.

4. Always add photo description: What is in the picture? Photo credits if needed: photographer (if needed) or/and origin of website (also in case of google images)


Videos: Some Youtube videos that play fine in Italy do not play outside Italy since they are blocked overseas for copyright issues. If your articles include Youtube videos before you publish the article email [email protected] with your article URL – Paolo can test if the video is showing in the US or if it is blocked from view ( See example below ).

Here you can see what a video with blocked content looks like –

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