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Guest post guidelines

Here at Life in Italy, we’re writing about everything that’s Italian. From food to culture, from history to travel, from recipes to lifestyle.

Do you want to write to Life in Italy?

Please note that we consider free guest posting pitches just from bloggers or travel writers.

If you have an original story, with details, and interesting things about Italy, we want to hear from you! If you wish to contribute an article in the travel, fashion, Italian language, culture or cuisines categories, we want to hear from you!

Please read the below guidelines if you want to be considered!

Guest post guidelines for Life in Italy

If you are living in Italy or lived in Italy or traveled to Italy recently we are interested in your article.

We only need good articles – The web has millions of so-so articles so we do not accept articles unless they are interesting to read. We require original content that was never published before! We do not accept canonical content, and we do check for plagiarism. If you want to be published in Life in Italy, please keep this in mind!

When you pitch to Life in Italy, include in your email the following

  • Email Subject: Article Pitch – and the topic you’re suggesting
  • Include in the email: Where you’re from?
  • If you’re based in Italy or not?
  • The topic you’re suggesting
  • details whether or not you can provide pictures

Please do not submit your content without receiving a confirmation email from us that we’re interested in what you’d write.

What type of articles we accept?

  • Original Italian recipes
  • Italian food-related articles
  • Food guides, city guides with food, anything similar
  • Travel guides
  • Hotel Guides for specific destinations
  • Restaurant guides
  • Hidden gems
  • Best things to do
  • Italian fashion reviews
  • Solo travel tips to Italy
  • Family travel tips
  • Any types of travel tips

If you have other suggestions that you see fit for Life in Italy, we always want to hear your ideas, so please feel free to suggest new points of view and ideas.

Requirements once accepted

  • Well written post with grammar check
  • Word count: it must be above 800 words
  • If you’re providing your own pictures: High-Quality landscape pictures are preferred.