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Winter Coats in Italy II

Cavalli black embroidered fur

Big collars are really big this fall, and fur has done the rounds of all the designer runways. Some, like Cavalli have spared no pains in exploiting both: witness the blue stunner with the extra-large fur on the neck, and the fox fur details on the lovely embroidered black crocodile leather piece. Others like the venerable Armani have taken big coat collars to the next level, just check out the collar on this couture black coat. Needless to say you should not be wearing turtle necks with any of these. But walking tall in a coat like this Armani gives new meaning to the word high fashion.

Cavalli Blue Fur Collar armani couture coat

Opulence is obviously the buzzword for the garments trimmed in fur. Russian Tsarinas act as the inspiration, creating an image of tastefully contrived excess. Though many may feel that fur (faux please, no cruelty to animals in the name of fashion) is a little out of place in day to day life, there is no high fashion that cannot be dressed down to suit the average wearer. Go for coats with detachable fur collars or fur scarves, to get the dressy look when required, and use the bare coat the rest of the time.

versace pea coatArmani Peacoat Navy Blue

The double breasted cut of the long black Armani collared couture piece we discussed before is actually quite popular this fall, especially on pea coats, which come to us this fall in new avatars: asymmetrical, cropped and detailed.

The Versace navy pea coat on the above right speaks of a woman with cultivated, subtle magnetism, and the pocket and border details are clean, innovative, chic. A slim woman would look great in the asymmetric, rather quirky blue pea coat, shown top left, from Armani ready-to wear, whereas the black and white print below with the wonderful sleeve cut detail from the same line would make any wardrobe proud.

armani peacoat black and white

Another coat trend that has been successful on the ramps is the embroidered swing jacket. Cape-like, loose, it hides flaws while making an extravagant statement. Russia being the flavor of the moment, Valentino sent a memorable swing jacket down the ramp in gypsy-ish, folkloric embroidery pictured on the right. I, of course, would kill to have this one, but similar and more affordable options are beginning to hit the market. Embroidered coats have generally found favor this season, take this embroidered coat by Emilio Pucci on the left picture, for instance.

Emilio Pucci Embroidered CoatValentino swing jacketCoats this fall have a fascinating range of shapes, looks, and flair to choose from. From casual urban chic, streamlined beauty to painstaking detail and luxurious indulgence, Italian runways have the entire gamut of style guidance you need to keep yourself debonair and warm this winter.

And you need not necessarily spend thousands of dollars on your look either. Shop around with the seasonal trends in mind, and you could just get yourself a true winner without stretching your purse in no time at all. Here’s to a cozy winter in your pick of the delectable yet practical coats from Italy!

By Damyanti Ghosh

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