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Watch: the Ferrari SF21, the new racing, red jewel

Ferrari has just launched the Ferrari SF21. It’s the car that will race in the 2021 F1 Championship. Let’s take a look.

The details of the Ferrari SF21

Here’s what’s new in the 2021 F1 racing car.

It starts with the color, darker than it used to be. From the rear to the front, where it goes back to the red, flaming of the Ferrari. An homage to the first F1 ever, the 125 S. This car features a more efficient power unit, especially when it comes to combustion. The shift gear is new as well as the suspensions. Thanks to the car body, the SF21 is more downwashing. Hence more aerodynamic.

Indeed, the Ferrari SF21 is faster than its predecessors.

The Bahrain tests

Faster in theory, since the March tests will reveal if this new car is faster in practice. The F1 cars are racing in Bahrain, from March, 12th and on.

Before the tests, Elkann said, “2020 made us stronger. We will start the 2021 Championship with a winning spirit. And we want to ensure our fans. We will honor the memory of Enzo Ferrari.”

Curious about the results of the tests? You can read the latest news here.

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