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Watch: skier Marta Bassino wins the World title

The Championship is taking place in Jasna, Slovakia. Yesterday, the Italian Marta Bassino has triumphed in her specialty.

What’s giant slalom, the specialty of Marta Bassino

This is an Alpine skiing specialty, Marta Bassino’s sport. The skiers go downhill, zigzagging through poles. It’s a technical event, which means that it’s more than one run. Usually, two runs in two separate course. The winner is the one with the best timing in both runs and both courses.

This skiing specialty was born in 1935, in Italy. In 1950, this sport joined the world championships and, two years later, it finally joined the Winter Olympics. By the way, the 2026 edition will take place between Milan and Cortina. A 100% Italian event.

Marta Bassino’s triumph

During the giant slalom at Jasna, the Italian skier ended up fourth in the final podium. Marta Bassino scored a total time of 2.17.62. But that was enough for her.

“This is truly an awesome day,” the skier said, “I bring in my heart days of emotions and a super season. I’m happy and proud.”

From Piedmont, Bassino has already five World Cup victories and a golden medal gained during the World Championships of Alpine Ski, at Cortina 2021.

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1 year ago

She deserve the victory, her presentation was extraordinary

1 year ago

One more victory for Italy!