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Italian Fashion: Vintage Collections-Vinyl Dolls

An Italian tribute to fashion, design and creativity

It’s a book.

No, it’s a paper object, where pages are not exactly pages, and where bidimensionality encounters tridimensionality.

Vintage vinyl dolls collection

It’s about fashion dolls. It’s an ad in favor of the ubiquitous, vinylic, American, curvaceous fashion doll everybody knows. No, it’s a display of selected vintage fashion dolls from private collections in Italy.

It’s catalogic. No, it’s an imaginary and elusive defile’ of dolls in an imaginary room, whose walls are colored in full, smashing colors and whose furniture is an anthology of design chairs, even coeval to the dolls.

Actually, we see images shot in a photographic studio, dolls posing as photo models … joyous, ironic, and without temper tantrums. Goddesses, these vintage fashion dolls: a collector’s phenomenon of true aesthetic charm and cultural value going beyond that of the doll, mirroring the tastes and customs of the boom years.

Vintage vinyl dolls collection

It’s definitely an Italian tribute to the beauty, the elegance, the chic and the cool of being a fashion doll expression of the zeitgeist of its era.


At the same time, to avoid the trap of paying homage to the usual one doll and friends thus imploding in a self-referential work, it bears a trilingual text: Italian, English, Japanese and also portrays another vinyl protagonist, so close to Barbie to be commonly said her direct inspiration, i.e. Bild Lilli.


Vintage Collections-Vinyl Dolls is a manifold book: its pages turn in an unusual mode.

It’s a sort of origami-book, not a still and inert coffee-table object. You can enjoy it in many amazing manners. You can even make it a giant poster, or split it into different photos to be individually framed.

Giuseppe Molteni & Roberta Motta, photographers, became also publishers with the brand name of Animali parlanti (Talking Animals) to follow the dream of creating the books they didn’t find on the market.

Vintage vinyl dolls collection pullout

Now their books are very displayable and yet discriminating, with a particular and exclusive shape and folding, printed on ultra-high quality paper for a maximum photo result, all of them presenting fine photos and, on the reverse, an essential legend or a brief text. In the very case of Vintage Collections-Vinyl Dolls, a text by the author of this article.

Due to a choice of the publishers, Vintage Collections-Vinyl Dolls is sold in a selected range of points, all of them involved (or specializing) in fashion or design or both, say la Triennale or Armani bookshops in Milan downtown. Most of all, their books are sold directly and online, this time exclusively for LifeinItaly for all those who will order a copy by writing a line to df(at)

For people interested in design, gusto, doll culture… for those intrigued by vintage, this is the perfect gift.

Vintage vinyl dolls collection pullout 2

Vintage Collections-Vinyl Dolls was reviewed by many magazines and newspapers in Italy, among which AD- Architectural Digest, Rakam, Marie Claire Italia, La Repubblica, Glamour…

So, if you want it for Christmas, order immediately. Or order it anyway to make a surprise gift. publisher: Animaliparlanti / TalkingAnimals, Milan, Italy
ph.: Molteni & Motta
texts: Daniela Ferrando
translations: Vincent Lombardo (English) Rieko Hagiwara (Japanese)
1st edition: fall 2005, cm 20 x 17
price: $ 29 + shipping in transparent gift box + carton shipper
payment method: PayPal

by Daniela Ferrando

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