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Valentino’s couture sings an ode to Rome

Rome represents the core essence of the Valentino brand, though the company has long gone global.

Although the designers usually close the Paris couture, in the several years since they have taken the helm of the fashion house they have never stirred far from its Italian roots and Roman heritage.

Rome – The eternal city where Valentino brand founded his couture house

Rome, Italy – Photo from Unsplash

The Eternal City is where Valentino Garavani brand founded his couture house in 1960. That is where he was honored in 2007 with a retrospective at the Ara Pacis Museum and a show at the Monumental Complex of Santo Spirito in Sassia, reaping the rewards as Rome’s most glamorous name for half a century.

Therefore, his successors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli on Thursday night debuted their fall-winter 2016 haute couture collection Mirabilia Romae. They did it at home, to mark the opening of the brand’s new flagship store.

The Valentino brand boutique in Rome – The original debut place of the fashion house

Valentino fashion house
Valentino Maison – Photo from Valentino

So, The boutique will be the brand’s largest worldwide, with 1,865 square meters in the historic Piazza Mignanelli. This is where the house was founded and where its heart continues to beat.

Indeed the presentation of the Valentino brand’s Mirabilia Romae collection kicked off with an exhibition of couture dresses from previous seasons. They were displayed across 10 stunning closed-to-the-public locations that have represented a source of inspiration for the designers.

The tour, which was curated by art historian Filippo Cosmelli together with Chiuri and Piccioli, included a third century AD Mithraic grotto discovered in the 1930s. It also had culminated at the Pecci Blunt Palace and at painter Giorgio De Chirico’s apartment-turned-museum in Piazza di Spagna.

The runway show matched the grand setting prepared for the hundreds of guests who were flown in to attend.

Fortunately, the sun was setting over Piazza Mignanelli. Rome cast its spell on the 59 looks, with the predominant black shade stressing the ‘noir’ side of the city. There were splashes of red catching its regal essence.

The restrained elegance of the Valentino brand collection powerfully conveyed the duality at the heart of the designers’ aesthetic – sensuality and monasticism – gracefully mixing the multiple references to Rome’s history.

Historic quotes were used to highlight the unique cultural stratification that constitutes the core essence of the city.

Rome, presented in every fashion piece – Inspirations and designs from everywhere around the world

It was in the wings of an eagle found on the 16th-century frescoes at Valentino’s brand atelier embroidered over a long black dress.

In addition, the city echoed in the sumptuous wool and velvet cape reproducing the arcades of the Coliseum. It was opening over a tulle dress inspired by lions’ cages, and in gowns draped like Roman peplums.

Its Forum echoed in a poncho, while a cape paid homage to the Pantheon.

Also, a gladiator’s dress was a superb rendition of the uniform of fighters in ancient Rome with a black tulle ‘armor’ and embroidered pearls.

The jewelry inspired by the Satyricon of Petronius was designed by sculptor Alessandro Gaggio.

The catwalk set on the sidelines of Piazza di Spagna strove. It was settled to recreate an archaeological setting. All in order to compound the feeling that viewers were getting. The point was to show a unique insight into the Roman soul of Valentino’s haute couture.

The connection between the Valentino brand fashion house and Rome, presented at the catwalk

The connection between the fashion house and the city rendered by the collection’s ravishing mixture of sacredness, mystery, and Dolce Vita opulence. It was honored with a standing ovation as the design duo took their post-show bow.

Moreover, the event marking the major store opening included a gala dinner. It was held at Villa Aurelia for 700 guests and a special ready-to-wear capsule collection. Also, accessories bearing the symbol of the Roman Empire, a golden eagle.

The Valentino brand, one of the mainstays of the Parisian couture schedule, is set to be back in the French capital in January 2016.


Source: Ansa

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3 years ago

I saw the shop in Roma, it looks amazing ! Of course not everyone can afford to buy anything

3 years ago

Valentino is such a famous brand in our days

3 years ago

Wow the fashion show is so impressive !