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Aosta Shopping

Shopping in Aosta Valley

Val d’Aosta on the Italian map

The region of Aosta Valley is located in north-west Italy and it is located along the border of Switzerland and France. It is a mountainous region and is bordered along with the Piedmont region. The region of the valley is spread over an area of just 3263 sq km and is the least populous and the smallest region of Italy. Also, there are no provinces in the region unlike all the other regions of Italy.

Since centuries the economy of the region has been based mainly on agriculture and cattle breeding. The main products of the Aosta Valley are agricultural products like fruits, potatoes and cereals. The region is also famous for its dairy products and has many varieties of good quality cheese. Wine of high quality is also produced in the valley, although is small quantities.

Outdoor markets

Val D’Aosta – Old church tower

The outdoor markets are the best places to shop in Italy, including in the Aosta Valley. Since the region is quite small, there are hardly any permanent outdoor or flea markets in the area. Most outdoor markets are held on special occasions and during festivals. Visitors who are planning a trip to Aosta Valley can consider timing their trip to coincide with some of these fairs and markets since there would a be a wealth of traditional products and hand made crafts being sold at these markets. Some of the best markets in Aosta Valley are as listed below:

  • One of the most famous fair is the Aosta fair which is a crafts and arts fair. It is held each year in January on 30th and 31st and is known to be the most important outdoor market in the region. There are thousands of tourists that visit this special fair and there are thousands of sellers too. Beautifully crafted wooden objects, lace, wrought iron products, handmade fabrics and straw objects are sold in these markets. Visitors would also get a chance to taste the local special coffee which is quite spicy and is known as the cup of friendship. It is believed that the fair is being held each year since the year 1000 AD.
  • Another fair is also held in January known as Donnas. The market is quite small compared to the above mentioned fair but it is a great place to purchase locally made wooden crafts. The main street of the medieval town is filled with vendors and buyers during the fair.
  • The Verres market is held in December, September, June, July and August. The market is one of the best places in the Aosta Valley where visitors would find dozens of vendors selling furniture, antiques and odd knick-knacks. This is one of the best places in the valley to purchase inexpensive gifts and souvenirs.

Shopping in Aosta

There are no provinces in the region of Aosta Valley, only towns and villages. The town of Aosta is the capital of the region. The region seems to be very remote and is surrounded on all sides by high mountains and there are no large cities in the region. Nevertheless, shoppers would not be disappointed. Most visitors come to the valley for its beautiful ski resorts and mountain sport activities. Shopping facilities are good for those who love the outdoors. The city of Aosta is home to many shops that sells sports equipment, woolen clothing and related products. Visitors would also find a few fashion shops in the town where local brands of clothes and jewelry are available. Apart from the main handicrafts of wooden and wrought iron objects, visitors can also visit the local food markets which are held in the area every Tuesday. This large outdoor market has many locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh local breads and a variety of mountain cheeses.

Shopping in Courmayeur

Val D’Aosta – Courmayeur align=

Courmayeur is the second most important town in the Aosta Valley and mostly people who are interested in mountain sport activities visit the town. Courmayeur is lined with sport specialty shops that sell equipments for the outdoor activities. There are also many shops where visitors would find good quality woolen clothes and cashmere, woolen socks and caps and many other clothing items.

In Courmayeur the outdoor food market is held every Wednesday and apart from food products, visitors would also often find handicraft items being sold at these markets.

Shopping in Bard

Val d’Aosta – Bard Fortress

Bard is a very small village in the Aosta Valley. This tiny picturesque mountain village still seems very ancient and medieval. It seems to be very remote and untouched by modernism and tourism and everywhere visitors would find stone houses made centuries ago lining up the narrow cobblestoned streets. The village is also known for its architecture. Around 25 of the houses in the village have already been mentioned national monuments since they were built around the 15th century and have been well preserved through all of these centuries.

Shopping in Bard is very traditional in nature. There is no commercialization in Bard and so there are no modern chic shops in the village. Visitors would find small shops selling traditional items where the locals do all their shopping. One of the best things to purchase in Bard is wine. Many locals have their own small vineyards on their terraces and along the land close to Dora. Many of these vineyards have been successfully producing a magnificent wine known as Rocchi di Bard. This wine is believed to have been famous since medieval times and is made from the famous Nebbiolo grapes. The wine has a beautiful red color, more like garnet. It has undertones of almond fragrance and can be bought at the wine stores and food shops of the village.

In the main village, there are plenty of food stores where visitors would find good quality olive oil, cheese, salami and fresh produce. The village also has a handful of shops where visitors can purchase arts and crafts that are well known in the region. The shops Bottan, Magica Bula, Adret and Artigianato del Forte are quite well known.

Outlet Shopping

Clothes, Sports shops, Accessories, Shoe shops, House & Home, Gastronomy, Lingerie shops

*All shops closed on Sundays unless otherwise indicated

Valle D’Aosta

Block Store
Località Amerique 79
Quart (Ao)
Tue-Sat 10-7 Sun & Mon 3-7
Highway A5, exit Aosta Est. Follow signs to Aosta center to Centro commerciale Lamerique
Discounts of 30-50%
The head of fashion for both men, women and children: jeans sporty and trendy clothes brand names for young fashion victims; Nolita Pocket, Nolita, Rair, lee, Wrangler, Diesel, Parasuco, Cult, Matador, and Napapijri. Past collections or end of the series with 30-50% discounts.

Guichardaz Outlet
Via Dent du Gèant,62
Courmayeur (Ao)
Mon-Fri 9-12 \ 2-5 closed SAT
Discounts 30-50%
Here, you’ll find items by; Prada, Prada sport, Puma, Tod’s, Hogan, Aspesi, Ralph Lauren, and Fay.

Nike Factory Store
Località Amerique, 125
Quart (Ao)
Tues-Sun 1030-730 Mon. 3-730
Highway (autostrada) A5, exit Aosta Est. follow to the center of Aosta, about 600 metri

Via Cascine,32
Località Amerique 33 (Ao)
Tues-Sat 10-1230 \ 3-730 Sundays 330-730 Closed Mon
Discounts of 40-50%
Famous brand for jeans you’ll not only find pants,skirts,coats, and outfits in denim, but also sweat material, shirts, wool and cotton sweaters, linen or velvet jackets. During sale periods in Italy (January & July), you’ll find up to 80% off!

Fifty Factory Store-Aosta

Località Amerique, 9 & 125
Quart (Ao)
Tues-Sun 10-730 Mon 3-730
From highway A5, exit Aosta Est. Follow for Aosta Center and its 600 meters on your left


Coop Produttori Fontina

Località Croix Noire,10
St-Cristophe (Ao)
Tues-Sat 830-12 \ 3-7 Mon 3-7
Highway A5 exit Aosta Est, follow for the center (centro), at the second set of lights, and turn right

Direct sales from fontina typical cheese, but also butter and other specialties of the valley like fonduta (Fondue) in jars.


Località Grand Chemin, 104
St-Cristophe (Ao)
Tues-Sun 9-1230 \ 230-730 Closed Mondays

This shop has a name in the Valle D’Aosta! They produce liquors, grappa (type of Brandy), and an exclusive digestive liquor of the Occidental Alps; Genepy made from local herbs. Items packaged as gifts with prices discounted. They also have a vast selection of super alcohols, amari (bitter alcoholic beverage), and local products. It is the only neo, and often frequented by tourists.

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